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Mrs. Muffin Topp: New Book Helps Women Overcome Life's Hurdles and Move Forward in Their Lives.

Written by a respected professional development expert, ‘Mrs. Muffin Topp’ seeks to help women tackle and break down barriers that often hamper personal progress and change.


Washington, D.C -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- From glass ceilings to social norms; modern women struggle with a myriad of hurdles when striving to become the perfect partners, mothers and workers. However, in her compelling new book, A. Murphy Sharp has uncovered a wealth of solutions to re-inject the girl power and make any woman stronger than she imagined.

‘Mrs. Muffin Topp: Overcome Daily Life Challenges, Work Through Obstacles, Make Changes in Your Life!’ does exactly what it says on the cover. With both intricate analysis and a blueprint for positive change, the book is set to change the lives of thousands of women across the country.


“Mrs. Muffin Topp is a book written to help women overcome the hurdles in their lives that prevent them from moving forward. It is a book written to help struggling women to first recognize and understand the reasoning for why they may be struggling in areas such as relationships, finances, careers and mental and physical health.

It also provides some tips to help them start to move in the direction of change; in small bite sized pieces. It is surely a book about personal development, encouragement and the inspiration to have the life that they have always desired. While Mrs. Muffin Topp is designed to help women understand the connection that weight plays in a life that is unfulfilled, it is not a book specifically about weight loss. Instead it is a book to help women gain more control over their lives and in turn it could help them to gain control over some of the contributing factors of weight issues.

So if there is a woman who is suffering in any of these areas as long as they have the willingness to change this book can help to point them in the right direction.”

As the author explains, fitting into various social and familial moulds can cause women to lose sight of what’s really important.

“Women are too often buried underneath life circumstances and it is the desire of the books author to help dig them out. In their quest to be great partners, mothers, and workers they too often lose sight of themselves,” says Sharp.

She continues, “It seems that the more time that passes the more difficult that it becomes for women to get back to the dreams and desires of years past. Women are struggling disproportionately in areas such as physical health (weight) and mental health (stress), relationships, finances and careers and they are often suffering in silence.”

However, this suffering can now end with such a useful literary resource. In fact, Sharp firmly believes that there is strong demand for a book such as hers.

“Women are looking to pursue more in life but just cannot seem to find the time or the energy to get started. They must begin to understand that they must be the best of themselves in order to be the best for their loved ones. This book helps to provide tips and suggestions on how to get started on the road to self-discovery and self-care,” she adds.

Since its release, Sharp’s book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“Great book, well written the author seems to really be in touch with what women are looking for. I enjoyed the book it was a quick and easy read with lots of helpful information,” says Julie Hill, who reviewed the book on Amazon and awarded it a coveted five-star rating.

With so much success on her hands, Sharp’s book is poised to become a saving grace for women everywhere.

‘Mrs. Muffin Topp: Overcome Daily Life Challenges, Work Through Obstacles, Make Changes in Your Life!’,

Published by Develop Women, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/TH0Hcm

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.mrsmuffintopp.com/

About A. Murphy Sharp
A. Murphy Sharp is a student of psychology, behavioral science, leadership and management who has spent the better part of 20 years working in a leadership/management position. She has also studied alternative healing methods and has helped many in the areas of personal and professional development. It is the authors desire to touch many women with the intent of helping them to imagine new possibilities for their futures.