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MRSA Bug Found in Supermarket Pork Leading to Calls for Free-Range Priorities


Bridgewater Close, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2015 -- Several supermarkets and other suppliers of meat have had to remove pork products from their shelves due to the presence of the MRSA bug found in them. It is thought to be due to the overuse of powerful antibiotics used on factory farms. There is also evidence that the UK could be at threat of a wider health crisis if the issue is not curtailed by authorities. The news comes in the midst of a climate where many are becoming increasingly aware about the source of their food and if it poses any health hazards. Meat reared and raised on factory farms is also used by many catering services, so the news could have wider implications than envisaged.

The need to stock ethically sourced food in turn is becoming an important consideration for many food and especially meat, providers. There have been increasing calls by consumers for providers to stock food which is wholesome and ethical. It could lead to a rise in the service of free range meats which abide by increasingly-strict standards. In terms of catering, there has been enhanced interest in on-site cooking using meat sourced from locally-reared animals.

About Hog Roast Lancashire and The Pendle Pig
Hog Roast Lancashire and The Pendle Pig service are leading suppliers of quality pig roast catering, having supplied thousands of customers with healthy and free-range fresh meat. As regular commentators on industry updates, a spokesperson had this to say, 'One of our key priorities is to provide high-quality meat sourced as locally as possible which is farmed to very high standards. Our clients regularly share their concerns about the injurious chemicals in meat, and they are so relieved when we tell them about the fact that every pig we roast is free range, healthy and carefully selected. This assuages their concerns, and secures their loyalty to us. We provide fresh meat and on-site cooking for our clients, so they can see exactly what they're eating and how it is made.'

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