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MRSA Treatment Report for 2013 Updated and Expanded with Vital New Information for Sufferers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- As the devastating staph infection known as MRSA continues to afflict countless Americans, many are finding freedom from its grip with the information contained in the newly updated MRSA treatment report. Entitled “How I stopped 3 Years of Chronic MRSA Infections,” the expanded and updated report for 2013 is now available in a digital downloadable format at a greatly reduced cost.

Like many sufferers of the deadly staph infection MRSA, Christine Dawson suffered from the ugly boils and rashes across her body that caused extreme pain and devastated her life for three years. Determined to find an effective and affordable way to stop the antibiotic-resistant repeat MRSA outbreaks, Dawson spent months doing online research for proven eradication techniques and information. The research resulted in her 12 Day or Less MRSA Eradication Program that has kept her outbreak free for five years.

Dawson recently announced an updated and expanded version of the program’s report for 2013 with vital new bonus sections in an inexpensive digital downloadable format. “As a sufferer from MRSA, I designed this treatment of MR program to save others a tremendous amount of research time and costs associated with finding a proven way to eradicate MRSA,” said Dawson. “The updated 2013 edition of the report brings new information to help every afflicted person end the suffering of this often deadly infection quickly and inexpensively.”

Her report includes critical information on how to beat MRSA fast without antibiotics. All of the remedies are inexpensive, readily available and 90 to 98-percent effective in ending the infection outbreaks. The 2013 updated report also brings several critical bonus sections that show how to eradicate the infection’s scars from the body as well detailed information on the proper care of MRSA victims without getting infected as well.

In addition to new information on preventing and eradicating MRSA, Dawson even provides personal, unlimited 24-hour email support. “This debilitating and often deadly infection continues to destroy lives, and I want to do all that I can to help every victim and potential victim find their way back to health,” said Dawson.

The 2013 e-book and all the bonuses can be immediately downloaded to any MAC or PC for only $47 as opposed to the $77 cost of the earlier version. The report comes with a no-hassle 100-percent refund that is good for 60 days. For more information, please visit http://www.mrsatreatment.net

About MRSATreatment.net
Christine Dawson provides information, tips and effective eradication processes that she has compiled to permanently stop repeated MRSA infections. Dawson suffered from recurring, chronic infections for three years but has been infection free for five years. The website makes her 2013 updated e-book report available with vital new bonus sections at a reduced cost.