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Ms. Love's Mystical Island Adventure: Fostered Author Featured in DHS Newsletter, Following Release of Smash-Hit Animated Children's Book

Despite a less-than-perfect start to life, Philadelphia’s Susan Love has blossomed into an empowering teacher, passionate speaker and celebrated children’s author. In September her story was featured in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services newsletter, and Ms. Love is now committed to giving back to the global foster care community that embraced her with open arms.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Susan Love was rescued at age five from a house fire and placed in foster care for the rest of her youth. Love is proof that a child in foster care is capable of success; she has since excelled as a model, educator and most recently – author of a cherished children’s book. Her story caught the attention of Philadelphia DHS, the very body that put her into her original placement and allowed her to come-of-age with gusto. The organization’s September newsletter dedicated over a page to Love’s personal story and its resulting book.

It’s easy to see why….

Synopsis of ‘Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure’:

Sabrina, Arthur, Miguel, and Lucy arrive on Ms. Love’s Mystical Island bursting with excitement. The young explorers have been chosen to witness the flowering of a rare and magical orchid, which blooms once every century with an explosion of light and energy—mysteriously repairing Earth’s ozone layer. But Ms. Love greets the children with devastating news: The scientists hoping to study the orchid’s secret power are not coming, and a massive hurricane is headed their way. If the destructive storm strikes the island while the fragile orchid is in bloom, this extraordinary plant will be wiped out forever.

There is only one hope—the Magic Power Flower—a flower-shaped crystal that once magically protected the island from danger. Although Sunflower, Ms. Love’s mother, possesses the flower’s centerpiece, the other hidden pieces must be found—and found quickly—if the island and its precious orchid are to be saved. As the hurricane rapidly approaches, the children and Ms. Love race against time to complete seemingly impossible tasks: decode the ancestor’s map, discover and unravel the clues to find the missing pieces, and safely return this supernatural power source to Sunflower—unless Ms. Love’s jealous, power-hungry Rivals find and steal the sacred flower first.

Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure is available in all major eBook stores: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple iBook.

“Being in foster care is painful for any child, and my survival adventure story will allow them to share quality time with their foster parents and integrate better than they ever expected,” explains Love. “I have been in their situation and my personality and compassion oozes throughout the book in a way that will resonate with any young child in placement.”

Continuing, “I’m so thrilled to finally be giving back to the world of foster care and am making myself available on an as-needed basis for any interviews, articles or speaking engagements that share my story and inspire the youth of today.”

All interested parties are urged to get in touch without delay. Love’s DHS newsletter article can be read here: http://bit.ly/1zNy5ru

For more information about the uplifting ‘Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure’, visit: http://mslovesmysticalisland.com

About Susan Love
At age five, Susan Love was rescued from a fire and placed in foster care for the remainder of her youth. With a Master’s Degree in Education from Arcadia College, for the past 15 years Ms. Love has been employed as a primary and middle school teacher in the Philadelphia School District. Currently, she is the District’s writing teacher. Ms. Love is also a professional model.