Ms. Santa: Her Adopt a Letter Program Has Helped Nearly 25,000 Children Since 2007

Saints Do Walk This Earth Among Us


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Kimberly Moore, known in her community as Ms. Santa, started the Adopt-A-Letter program in 2007. It became her goal, while volunteering at the local US Post Office, to help as many children as possible at Christmas time. The program gives underprivileged children a way to contact Santa with their wishes for Christmas. Some children ask for food for their families, a bed to sleep in, bulletproof vests for their parents that are police officers and so many other items. They remember to include their brothers and sisters as well. These letters are enough to break anyone's heart. Reading through the letters and seeing how caring these young children are is simply amazing.

The Adopt A Letter program has helped nearly 25,000 children since its launch. She goes door to door to deliver the gifts sponsored by donors. Yes, she takes the time to do this herself! Anyone can be a donor and be Santa for a day! What she asks for in the way of donations is beyond reasonable. She has been able to partner with several suppliers and other organizations to get items at a cheaper cost since her entire operation is run solely via donation, she even urges people to buy their own gifts, drop them off at selected locations to save shopping time. Helping children and putting smiles on their beautiful faces is what keeps this project going year after year. Each letter that is sent in gets read personally by her or one of her special elves. Mail boxes specifically for Santa letters are strewn around in communities where families are struggling the most in Los Angeles, California.

She is devoted to helping children, regardless of their age. For one person to go door-to-door to invite children and their families to a wonderful Winter Wonderland Celebration with Santa, ice skating, other entertainment and a great meal is amazing. Each family is invited personally and Ms. Santa even provides the transportation to the event for a magical day to remember hosted at the Regency Hyatt Century Plaza hotel. The giving doesn't stop on Christmas Day, it takes her until mid-January and sometimes February to complete her mission. She has touched the lives of so many, and can continue to do so with loving donors that share her passion. To learn more on how you can support this amazing cause visit:

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