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M.S.I. Is Now Available for Mold Remediation Services Outside Philadelphia County


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Mold has been around for years, haunting old and new homeowners with the dangers and remediation that is needed when a speck is found. It grows everywhere and doesn’t discriminate on the age of the home. Making its way through the walls, ventilation system, in the cracks of the windows, etc. , it is a scary issue that homeowners have to deal with. The licensed professionals at Mold Solutions & Inspections encourage homeowners to get their living space tested for mold or if one knows they have it, then to have the M.S.I. crew come out for their mold remediation services now available around Philadelphia.

It is important to get mold testing in Philadelphia homes because in recent years, more health concerns have been linked to mold, causing allergies and even asthma attacks. When purchasing a new home, it is important to keep an open eye on minor details such as the windows, doors, and vents of the home for any moisture, leaks, or possible mold growth. With a mold inspection in PA, the certified technicians will be able to test if mold has grown behind the walls and how far the damage goes. It can be virtually found on any substance, making it vital for mold to be removed as soon as one finds it.

The professionals from Mold Inspections & Solutions have seen far too many times the damages and unpleasant odors caused by mold growth, that’s not even including the dangerous health hazards. A mold inspection in PA can be done in any age home. Just because it is a new build does not mean it’s unsusceptible to mold growth. This is why Mold Solutions & Inspections encourages homeowners to call for mold testing at the immediate site or suspicion of it.

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Mold Solutions & Inspections is proud to offer numerous mold inspection, remediation, water damage and bio recovery services for homeowners in the greater Philadelphia area. Not only are they certified but also insured in Mold Inspections, Remediation, Water Restoration and much more. The mold inspectors of Philadelphia are up to date with the leading edge technology, equipment and guidelines to take on any circumstance that may come about. With an immediate response team they will be there to assist you no matter what.

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