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M.S.I. Now Offers Mold Inspections Starting as Low as $90.00


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Mold Solutions & Inspections is now offering residents mold inspections starting as low as $90.00. The professionals at M.S.I. understand the importance of doing a thorough inspection and analysis on any areas that look suspect or have had water damage in Philadelphia homes. Knowing that mold thrives both indoors and outdoors in damp, moist areas, this makes it important to keep an eye out so that family and loved one’s are safe.

With this special low starting price, homeowners will be able to afford mold removal services in Bucks County easily. The Mold Solutions & Inspections certified insured inspectors will educate homeowners on all the effects mold has on people, especially those who have existing health problems. Their team of professionals will recommend any moisture control or humidifiers to prevent future mold growth from occurring. When it comes to mold removal for Delaware County residents that keeps coming back after each cleaning, it may be time to contact a professional to once and for all eliminate mold growth.

Not only can this happen to homeowners who have lived there for years to struggle with mold growth, but first time home buyers as well. Being one the largest investments people will make it their lifetime, home buying is a very uncertain yet exciting time because one may not know of any previous damages or concerns that come along with the home that pass by inspection. Their certified and licensed professionals will be able to alleviate any worries and provide mold removal in Chester County for those who have purchased a home and are weary of any suspect areas. With this low price to start at, homeowners do not have to break the bank when trying to keep their family and loved out of harms way.

About Mold Solutions & Inspections
Mold Solutions & Inspections is proud to offer numerous mold inspection, remediation, water damage, and bio recovery services for homeowners in the greater Philadelphia area. Not only are they certified, but they are also insured in Mold Inspections, Remediation, Water Restoration, and much more. The mold inspectors of Philadelphia are up-to-date with the leading edge technology, equipment, and guidelines to take on any circumstance that may come about. With an immediate response team they will be there to assist any person no matter what.

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