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mSpy by SpyPhoneCalls.com Becomes the First Hybrid Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking Software


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- SpyPhoneCalls.com, a company dedicated in creating monitoring and tracking solutions for smartphones, has recently released its latest software mSpy. The software which is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry smartphones has been titled as the first hybrid cell phone monitoring and tracking application. The company stated that mSpy is one of the most comprehensive spy phone apps as it can monitor text messages, phone calls, photographs, videos, e-mails, address books and even has a GPS tracking feature. mSpy has also been commended by consumers for its ease of use and effectiveness.

The media spokesperson of SpyPhoneCalls Ltd quoted on how mSpy stands out amongst other spy apps, “Our new app mSpy, has been methodically created to provide the best consumer experience. We at Spy Phone Calls understand the requirements of our customers and have designed mSpy to meet them. There are many spy software available today however most of them lack in one or other criteria. mSpy was designed to cover all aspects necessary for monitoring and tracking other phones. Despite the many technological advances available in the software it is our Web Based Control Panel that has been getting great feedback. After installing the spy phone app on the target phone, that is the phone that is to be spied, information is then accessible by a secure web based control panel that we provide. Most of this information is real time and very accurate. Consumers have said that the web based control panel feels like if you are physically looking at the target phone.”

According to the company’s website, http://www.spyphonecalls.com, the surveillance process is very easy. The company informed that all you have to do is take the target the phone and install the app either via the web browser in the smartphone or transferring it from a computer. The company elaborated that the app is invisible and target phone’s functions remain as it is. When the app has been installed, details of the target phone can be accessed via the web based platform whose login details will be provided by the company.

SpyPhoneCalls Ltd also provides mobile spy app for Nokia or symbian based smartphones. The Nokia AllinOne Spy Phone package is similar to mSpy and has all the features and surveillance capabilities. The company is also offering 2 stand alone software that have specific functionalities. The PhoneSpy software which enables a person to listen to conversations or sounds in the area of the targeted phone and the SMS spy which spies on text messages sent and received.

About SpyPhoneCalls Ltd
SpyPhoneCalls Ltd is one of the leading companies in providing monitoring and tracking solutions for smartphones. Through their online platform, http://www.spyphonecalls.com, information regarding the software offered by the company can be viewed. Currently the products that the company is providing are mSpy, AllinOne Software Suite, Phone Spy (aka Spyphone) and Text Message Interceptor (aka SMS spy). The company’s solutions are known for their ease of use and effectiveness.

For more information about Spy Phone Software, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of spyphonecalls.com, please call at 425-606-4202 or email to mark.pr@spyphonecalls.com