Material Storage System, Inc.

MSS Houston Offers Pre-Engineered Guarding Systems


Humble, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- Material Storage Systems Inc. (MSS) offers pre-engineered guarding systems to safeguard personnel and products with a flexible rack or conveyor guard netting solution. MSS distributes this under the brand name, SINCO, which is rated safe and tested for a specific work environment.

The partnership of MSS Houston and SINCO in delivering more options on storage has created another benchmark of innovation and improvement. MSS Houston promises this with a remark, “The expertise garnered from over 30 years in the material handling business allows us to provide custom solutions to your storage and handling problems.”

“With our Design and Consult service, Material Storage Systems will work with you to determine the best design and layout for your current or proposed warehouse space. We can also advise you before you decide to lease or build a warehouse”

With SINCO’s innovated pre-engineered guarding system, warehouse storage will accomplish increased productivity, improved product, personnel protection, and better cost-saving operations.

The pre-engineered system is proven to be economical, durable, and easy to install and use. Its economical features highlight using lightweight materials, achieving less structural support and reduced stress on the system.

The mesh is fire retardant and can be used in many warehouse facilities, especially on indoor use. For outdoor use, the mesh is treated with Weatherkote, a technology that protects the system from weather changes. The nets are resistant to cleaning, even when exposed to heat. The mesh also promises durability as it is engineered to withstand causes of corrosion, peel, rust, and dent. In fact, it is accepted by the FDA for its sanitary properties.

SINCO guarantees clients that, “There’s no guesswork. Our products are safety rated and developed and tested for your specific work environment. That’s why SINCO’s pre-engineered systems are a must today. SINCO safety products are made of 100% super strong nylon, shock-absorbent and flexible. These flexible rack or conveyor guard systems are extremely easy to work with, and when properly installed, will outperform all other products.”

The company added, “"In today’s business environment, preventative safety is an on-going job. Wherever people work, walk or drive below a loaded pallet rack or a conveyor belt, SINCO guards protect your employees from falling products. As a result, you’ll have fewer injury claims and uninterrupted work."

With MSS Houston partnership with SINCO, warehouse storage systems become more manageable. It is no wonder why their clients continue to advocate their products and services for more than 15 years. To know more about SINCO’s pre-engineered guarding system, or customize one for your own warehouse, visit