Material Storage System, Inc.

MSS Introduces Click-and-Install Racking Systems


Humble, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- The Material Storage System Incorporated, a renowned expert in the customization of racking systems, introduces its very own click-and-install racking system that features innovative design layout and easy installation.

Their click-and-install racking system works by choosing the design that the customer wants. The options include stair design, gate design, or flooring. In the stairs design, the client can click on the ready-made designs located on their official website. The choices include ships ladder, mid-landing stairs, L-shaped, straight, straight with u-shaped and U-shaped.

The gate design, on the other hand, includes options of hinge loading gate, safety gate, and sliding gate. Clients can also choose the flooring options. The available designs are diamond plate, open bar gratin, laminated plywood, and plywood over open bar gratin.

All the designs are well constructed and guided by their in-house engineer to make sure that the chosen design will meet the requirements of the storage system. They offer customization for different racking systems and mezzanines.

The creative and unique designs of MSS’s “click-and-install” racking systems are available on their official website at

Operating for more than 30 years now, MSS have been providing custom solutions in different storage and handling problems. The company has been known to provide storage systems, racking systems, mezzanines, and custom fabrication using state-of-the-art facilities. Its team of talented employees lives by the philosophy that all creations will allow to move up – not out – when the client gets cramped for space and room. The designs that the company creates are less expensive compared to moving to another room or expanding a current building.

“Our experienced crew can take onsite measurements to assure that your system fits and so we can solve obstruction issues before installation begins,” boasts MSS’s measurement team. Aside from this, the company also does engineered drawing catered to the needs of its clients. “We can provide engineered drawings and will work with you throughout the design process to insure that you get the system that best suits your needs.”

The company also takes pride in having in-house fabrication facility that can fabricate problem-specific material handling equipment, especially when there are no off-the-shelf products available to solve these problems.

“With our Design and Consult service, Material Storage Systems will work with you to determine the best design and layout for your current or proposed warehouse space. We can also advise you before you decide to lease or build a warehouse,” as written on their official website.

MSS offers free consultation and estimates. Visit their official website at for more information, or you may reach it through their toll-free hotline number: 1-800-881-6750.