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MSS Software Announces Enhanced Barcode Fire Extinguisher Inspection System


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2016 -- MSS Software, an industry leader in barcode solutions, based in Virginia, has announced an enhanced version of their popular barcode fire inspection system.

MSS Software developed a vital and simple-to-use software program called Inspector. Inspector is a Barcode Inspection System that allows customers to inspect and track all of their fire extinguishers and safety equipment using barcode scanners. The customer periodically scans barcodes for their safety equipment and then valuable information about the equipment such as its location, condition, and exact time and date of inspection is stored onto the scanner. The data is then downloaded to the computer and the Inspector software updates the master records in an Excel format.

This time-savings system, according to MSS Software, is one of the simplest and easiest ways to do inspections because it makes use of Microsoft Excel to present and save the information in a clearly recognizable format. MSS Software states that most people can understand and work with data presented in Microsoft Excel and the Inspector program eliminates tedious record keeping and misplaced paper logs using this method.

MSS Software's Inspector Kit includes the Inspector software program and a portable barcode scanner with accessories. Customers will use the barcode scanner, to keep track of their important safety equipment. Because most businesses, hospitals and universities need to comply with regular safety inspections, the Inspector program helps make these inspections simple and easy to do. The collection of this inspection information becomes proof for the completion of the company's required safety inspections. Some of the great benefits of Inspector is that it reduces the risk of human error by eliminating paper logs and improves the inspection's productivity which saves valuable time and money.

In addition to inspection program, MSS Software provides a variety of other barcode solutions to customers and also provides tablets and wireless networks for increased convenience in dealing with barcodes. MSS delivers profound data collection solutions such as asset tracking, attendance tracking and inventory tracking. Each of these processes is potentially made more efficient and accurate with the equipment and software available from MSS Software.

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