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MSS Software Creates an Efficient Data Management Barcode System for El Dorado National


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2016 -- MSS Software is a well established barcode company based in Virginia. The company manufactures, sells and rents barcode equipment and software to many clients all over the country including Fortune 500 companies, auto manufacturers, government organizations, chemical companies, and retail and small businesses. Of late, the company has been working on a cloud-based data management application for El Dorado National called Scan-Tracker.

After being in the barcoding industry for more than three decades, MSS Software has established itself as an industry leader. The company has created "more than a thousand software applications for barcode handhelds and terminals" over the years. Recently, the company was contacted by El Dorado National, the largest volume producer of commercial buses in North America, to solve a data entry problem that they were having at their production plants. Consequently, MSS Software developed a cloud-based barcode application called Scan-Tracker.

El Dorado wanted a data management solution that would reduce manual data entry in the firm and across its assembly process, which is split across dozens of stations that make up multiple lines. Incidentally, the company's employees were wasting too much time going to the punch card station during working hours. Additionally, the overall spreadsheet-based card data was full of errors due to punching errors and also because it was all entered manually by a company employee. Finally, they wanted a data management solution that would enable real-time data viewing and access.

Incorporating barcode technology, MSS Software developed the aforementioned cloud-based application called Scan-Tracker. According to the company's website, the application uses barcode readers to collect and store time-oriented records of employees, job stations, and buses in an online database. The management can also view and print daily and weekly reports regarding the amount of time spent by employees on a particular task. The cloud-based app enables users to access their data and reports from any internet-supported browser. The company used barcode devices with built-in barcode scanners, LCD screens and WiFi radios, which connect to El Dorado's WiFi network in order to transmit data to the cloud-based Scan-Tracker database. The administrator can view all the data in real-time. Moreover, additional reports like Bus Reports, Employee Reports, Station Reports, and Exception Reports provide management with invaluable information about the entire manufacturing process. The app has enabled El Dorado to have much better control over the entire manufacturing process and hence to optimize productivity with regard to employees, processes, and buses.

About MSS Software
MSS Software was originally founded in Pennsylvania before moving to Fairfax in 2003. Since being established by three barcoding scientists in 1984, the company has always focused on the development of effective and quick data collection equipment and software. The company has worked for many renowned corporate clients including Benjamin Moore, ACCO Brands, Virginia Commonwealth University, the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT), New York Road Runners and HP among others. The company has also served major federal organizations, such as the CIA, FBI, U.S. Armed Forces, National Institutes of Health, and the U.S. Senate.

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