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MSS Software Helps Institute for Taxation Professionals Track Conference Attendance


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2016 -- MSS Software has successfully provided the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT) with barcode reader equipment for purposes of tracking attendance at the required tax and accounting seminars hosted by the institute.

The professional relationship between MSS Software, a provider of barcode solutions, equipment and rentals for data collection to clients throughout the country, and the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, began with MSS visiting the IPT on-site at a conference. IPT sought a solution for the collection and keeping of data related to attendance at its tax and accounting seminars. These seminars are held frequently and attendance is often required to fulfill continuing education mandates by employers of tax and accounting professionals. Because attendance at the conferences is thus a required aspect of many attendees' professions, keeping accurate attendance records is a high priority. Prior to their business relationship with MSS Software, IPT tracked the attendance at their seminars manually.

Once MSS Software went on site at an IPT seminar, however, they began to transition the institute to collecting data automatically and electronically via a system of barcoding and barcode readers. The particular program implemented in this case by MSS Software is known as their Seminar Tracker program. This initial, on-site implementation of the program was a success.

As a result of its success, IPT made the decision to continue their working relationship with MSS Software. IPT went on to purchase stand-alone barcode readers from MSS. These stand-alone barcode readers allowed their members, the attendees at their conferences, to self scan their barcodes upon entry to the seminar and record their attendance. This system provides increased convenience for both the attendee of the conference and the host. The attendee is able to quickly record their attendance in an electronic system that makes the data point of their attendance easily transferable to their employer or any other party. For the organization itself, IPT, the stand-alone barcode readers allow them to use less staff at their conferences, make more efficient use of their attendees' time and more easily collect, store and send the attendance data.

About MSS Software
MSS Software provides a variety of attendance tracking equipment, including rental equipment, to meet the needs of clients hosting events, seminars, meetings and other gatherings. The software has also been utilized by vendors at trade shows for lead retrieval purposes.

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Their primary attendance tracker software is known as Attendance Tracker Pro, a basic cloud-based system that scans barcodes to track attendance. Other related tracking products offered by MSS Software, as listed on their website, include cloud-based ticket scanning solutions as well as an application designed to record the checking-in and checking-out of people from certain buildings or secure areas by recording the scan of their barcoded badge. The latter application has been used by employers, schools, tour groups and more to keep track of attendance.

More information about MSS Software and their products is available by visiting their website or contacting the company directly using the information provided below.

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