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MSS Software Offers Student Attendance Tracking Equipment


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2017 -- MSS Software, an industry leader in barcode equipment, software and other barcode solutions, is offering a new piece of equipment known as a Student Attendance Tracker (SAT). As its name indicates, the Student Attendance Tracker is able to conveniently keep an accurate record of student attendance at various school functions, including athletic events.

The Student Attendance Tracker (SAT) from MSS Software works by first using a handheld scanner to scan the barcodes on student identification cards. The handheld device also stores a list of preloaded student names and barcode numbers associated with each name; users of the SAT are able to upload a pre-existing file of student names and numbers into the equipment. When a student identification card barcode is scanned that does not correlate with a name and number loaded into the system, the user of the Student Attendance Tracker is alerted by the device via a sound and message. The SAT also issues an alert when a duplicate number has been scanned, which allows events to prevent more than one entry per ticket/identification card.

Along with scanning and storing barcodes, the equipment also allows users to sort data in ascending order, convert lookup tables to the right file formats, load list updates and easily download collected data from the scanner to the computer. The total SAT package includes a scanner and software; the equipment may also be rented for one-time events.

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In addition to selling barcode equipment solutions, MSS Software also maintains a large inventory of barcode rental equipment. Their rental equipment is utilized by individuals and organizations that may work with barcodes on a temporary basis or are interested in implementing an automated barcode system on a trial basis.

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Since their founding in 1984, MSS has focused on providing customized barcode solutions for their clients by tailoring their equipment and software to fit the unique data tracking needs of their clients. MSS Software maintains a record of exceptional customer service, providing user manuals that are easy to understand and an easy ordering process. For more information on their products and services, or to receive a free consultation on how their products and services may be applicable to a particular situation, MSS Software may be contacted utilizing the information below.

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