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MSS Software Provides Barcode Equipment for New York City Marathon


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2016 -- MSS Software, a company providing barcode solutions, equipment and rentals for data collection to individuals and businesses, has announced the past rental of its barcode equipment by the New York Road Runners. The New York Road Runners are the running association which organizes the annual New York City Marathon. Portable barcode readers rented from MSS Software were used to track runners as they participated in the marathon.

The ability to track runners via a barcode they receive prior to beginning the race is a unique application of MSS Software's barcode reader equipment. MSS rents and leases multiple types of barcode equipment to a wide variety of customers. This rental equipment includes barcode scanners, readers, mobile devices and printers. This equipment is primarily used by businesses and organizations to keep track of inventory and track attendance at routine or special functions. Any business with barcoded items needing to create a barcode inventory, or any business holding an event at which attendance can be recorded by scanning a barcoded badge, would potentially utilize MSS Software's barcode readers to improve their efficiency.

MSS Software stocks thousands of barcode readers available for rent. The diverse stock of readers available is flexible with regards to internet connectivity, as devices with WiFi, WAN, Bluetooth or batch connectivity are available. The operating systems of the equipment are either Windows CE or Windows Mobile; additionally, many feature SIM card slots for use in Wide Area Networks like AT&T.

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About MSS Software
MSS Software is a provider for many of the top brands of mobile and portable barcode scanners. Honeywell, Intermec, Psion, CipherLab, AML and more are among the brands customers rent from MSS. Much of the equipment available to rent from MSS Software is designed to be as portable and convenient as possible, with a variety of add-on equipment included in the rental and available to rent as an addition. For example, portable printers are available which attach to the scanners for easily accessible hard copies of data.

On its website, the company reports its rental pricing for the equipment to range from $100 to $150 per week. The location within this range depends on the type of reader it is, its internet connectivity capability. There are also more basic scanners available to rent for $25 to $50 per week. The scanners come with accessories as they may be needed by customers. These accessories include batteries, chargers, communication cables and docks. MSS Software notes the importance of on-time delivery and the timely nature in which this equipment may be needed for a deadline or an event. They are able to provide rentals with minimal notice by shipping overnight directly.

For further information on MSS Software or specific details regarding their rental programs, the company may be contacted using the information provided below.

MSS Software
Address: 10394 Democracy Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 800-428-6643