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MTB Review Sites Reveals How You Can Beat Rising Oil Costs

Most experts believe the world is very close to exceeding "peak oil", as oil supplies become depleted the cost of fuel is going to become more and more expensive. Here is an idea to save you money, help the enviroment and improve your health.


Slough, Berkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- Many years ago when the world first started becoming dependant on petroleum the cost to extract one hundred barrels of oil from the ground was approximately one barrel, these days most of the easy to reach oil has been used up though this means oil producers are having to drill deeper and deeper to get at the oil. As demand outstrips supply, it is a fact that this harder to reach oil is becoming more and more expensive.

The question is, what can you do as the cost of running your car becomes more and more expensive?

One solution many people are starting to turn to is cycling. For US residents I just found this very interesting site http://www.myassettag.com/state-cycling-statistics, it tells you the percentage of the population that commute by bike in every US state.

Cycling and commuting by bike has always been quite popular in the UK, especially in London where it can often prove to be a faster mode of transport than car, this trend seems to be growing especially since the congestion charge was introduced.

But it is not just your bank balance and the environment that can benefit from cycling, commuting by bicycle can improve your health both physically and mentally. I am sure you know the benefits of weight loss, most people want to lose a few pounds. Why not swap the car for a bike? Moderate cycling can burn up to 500 calories per hour, if you cycle to work in the morning it will increase your bodies metabolic rate and keep you burning calories for the rest of the day.

Thinking about buying a bike, wondering what to buy? Which one is best for you? Mark Stubbles, is a keen cyclist, he runs a site called which mountain bike. He believes that if you are new to cycling and looking to buy a bicycle for general use around town or to get to work and back you should consider a hardtail mountain bike, he said "A hardtail only has travel on the front forks, full suspension mountain bikes have travel on both the front and rear. Full suspension is not necessary for general commuting but I believe MTBs are better for the purpose than road bikes because they are more sturdy and generally more comfortable. Really cheap MTBs generally tend to be heavy and they don't last very long so I would recommend doing some research before choosing the bike for you."

whichmountainbike.eu review all the latest mountain bikes in all price ranges from £400 to £8000, they encourage visitors to share their opinions, vote on and add their own star ratings for different bikes. See the site latest mtb reviews here.