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Much Awaited Pre-Workout Nutritional Supplement Go Fuel Is Launched on


Manhattan Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2015 -- Sports Performance Labs, LLC, one of the leaders in the pre-workout supplements category, has announced the release of their latest pre-workout nutrition supplement, Go Fuel. Formulated based the latest scientific studies, Go Fuel has been shown to give energy and maximize workout results. Go Fuel is formulated with the perfect balance of electrolytes, herbs & vitamins. Athletes have given rave reviews to Go Fuel and hailed it as the highest quality sports performance supplement available in the market. Go Fuel is available for purchase at

Some of its early users, while talking to our correspondent, have shared their excitement for Go Fuel. Mr Kevin Long has said "I tried this a pre-workout energy booster when I go to the gym later in the evening, when I can't use my regular pre-workout mix that is loaded with caffeine. I like this mix because it doesn't have a caffeine, but still gives you a nice energy boost. The good part is that I get the energy boost without affecting my sleep." . Athlete Mary Dawn has shared her experience with Go Fuel "I have felt a significant gain in stamina during my exercise performance.". Warren Fills who has seen a significant increase in his stamina has stated "Usually I am tired and do not finish my workout, but with Go Fuel I noticed my stamina has definitely increased. I have more energy which means I can work out longer and my recovery time is much less."

Go Fuel provides extra electrolytes in the correct amounts to make up for the electrolytes lost during a workout or a competitive sporting event. The quick boost in the energy and stamina that has been experienced by its users is provided through two natural, adaptogenic herbs from China and India: Cordyceps and Ashwagandha. With B6 and B12, Go Fuel also supports proper energy metabolism during the workout. It increases stamina for all sports including running, soccer bicycling, basketball, swimming, triathlons, weightlifting and football.

About Sports Performance Labs, LLC
Sports Performance Labs, LLC was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping athletes get the most out of their workouts and competitive sporting events. Their initial focus was on developing pre-workout supplements to prepare the athlete to do his or her best. They wanted natural ingredients and wanted to avoid sugar and caffeine. Their first product was Yoga Fuelâ„¢ intended for yoga practitioners doing hot or intense yoga.

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