Work from Home Culture Catching Up in India

These Opportunities Can Be Immensely Useful to Housewives, Students, Salaried People and Those Who Seek Work-from-Home Opportunities


Greater Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2015 -- That Mukesh ( is offering work-from-home opportunities may be an exciting news for those who are looking for such avenues with earning potential. Mukesh is led by the Delhi based business man Ashish Sood who has launched this unique portal.

Work from home is one of the unique concepts that are generally adopted by big companies for getting their specific jobs done by the employees on their roll but this portal offers different types of jobs a person can do for earning sumptuous income.

Though India is a rapidly developing nation, the problem of unemployment is still there. Every year, hundreds of thousands of educated people are thrown into the job market. When they step out of their universities, colleges and reputed educational institutions, they have their own dreams. But since the issue of unemployment is staring them in their faces, they face discouraged. Many of them get frustrated as well. This is not good for a growing economy like India.

It is in this context the opportunities made available by can be of immense help to these people. These people can use the skills they have learned in their colleges and universities and work from home. The biggest advantage they derive out of this portal is they can have flexible working hours. Additionally, they need not undergo the ordeal of commuting to and from the workplace since they can work cozily from their home. According to the efforts they put in and the time they spend on their jobs, they can earn good income.

Similarly, there may be experienced people also who may be interested in such work-from-home opportunities. This portal may be of use to them also.

Ashish Sood, owner of the website says "This is a very legitimate portal where the jobs posted are highly paying." He adds that the intention of starting this portal to make work from home jobs available for housewives and students. Even salaried people can do the jobs as part-time and earn handsomely. Likewise, there may be many people who may be interested in doing only part-time jobs because they may like to have more leisure time. Even for these people, the website offers excellent opportunities.

According to, there are certain work-from-home jobs that are becoming more and more popular. Some of them are online trading and the jobs of a virtual assistant and code development executives.

Delhi based Ashish Sood has launched for helping people from India do various types of work-from-home jobs so they can earn good income. Students, housewives, salaried people and those who are interested in doing part-time jobs can immensely benefit from this portal that is being maintained and managed by Ashish Sood.

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