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Muletamer an Innovative Shotgun/Rifle Recoil Reducer Receives Highly Recommended Remark


Bunbury, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Muletamer, an innovative product that reduces the shotgun/rifle recoil has gotten highly recommended remark from renowned author Mr. John McDougall from Australian Shooter. Australia’s leading shotgun reviewer, in his publication in Australian Shooter, has referred the product as ideal for woman and young shooters and highly recommended for all shooting enthusiasts. Through their website, the company along with the recoil reducer is also providing two other products the MT Bullet Bucket and the MT Mate.

The owner and inventor of Muletamer, Mr. Ross Peskett quoted on the discovery of the product, “I have been a shooting enthusiast for nearly 40 years. After retiring as an Australian Special Air Service Regiment Trooper, I had more time to spend on my hobby but could not do so as I went through a shoulder reconstruction. I eventually thought about creating a product that can reduce recoil such that I will be able to shoot without feeling pain or soreness. After 2 years of rigorous testing and development of number of prototypes, I was finally able to create muletamer, ever since I have been shooting freely and have even competed in various shooting competitions despite getting a shoulder reconstruction. After successful testing and being satisfied by the product, I decided to start selling the product. Since its launch I have received great feedback from shooters around the country.”

Information regarding the recoil reducer is available on the company’s website. The website also has a series of videos which display the working of the product. Reports on the testing of the Muletamer are also available. Details on other products – MT Bullet Bucket, a box that traps spent cartridge cases and MT Mate, self leveling quick release bi-pod are also published on the company’s site.

Mr. Peskett further quoted on the company’s future plans, “Muletamer has gotten a lot of attention, which is of no surprise as I, along with my team, have worked really hard in getting the best possible results out of the product. My mission is to provide the product as an improvement to shooting as a sport and hobby. Since, the product has been praised by many shooting professionals. I will now like to see the product popularize amongst shooting enthusiasts. I also have an upcoming product called as MT Dash Mate. Details of which will be available on the site once the product is finalized.”

About Muletamer Pty Ltd
Muletamer Pty Ltd is a company that is providing an innovative shotgun or rifle recoil reducer called as Muletamer. The company is based out of Bunbury, Western Australia and is providing the product through their online platform, The company is also offering two other innovative products– MT bullet bucket and MT mate. Muletamer is known for its appearance in the Australian Shooter.

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