Multi-Factor Authentication Market 2019 Global Analysis, Applications, Size, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2025

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Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2019 -- Multi-factor Authentication Market 2019

Multi-factor authentication refers to an authentication method wherein the user is able to access right after successfully providing two or more bits of evidence. This method provides software and hardware solutions offered by market vendors. It has become highly popular owing to the high level of security and diverse models of multi-factor authentication that find several applications in verticals like government, BFSI, commercial security, immigration & travel, healthcare and electronics. There has been a rising concern regarding data privacy all over the world. A number of countries have, therefore, started implemented countermeasures in the form of regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), HIPAA for the healthcare sector and Basel II, PCI DSS, and SOX for the BFSI sector. Such regulations provide complete guidelines with regard to end-user authentication, which is considered vital before granting access to confidential data to the users. These appealing properties of the multi-factor authentication method and rising concern over data security will benefit the worldwide market in the coming years.

Market by Top Multi-factor Authentication Companies, this report covers
RSA Security
VASCO Data Security International
CA Technologies
Deepnet Security
Early Warning Services
SecuTech Solutions
Swivel Secure

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Decentralized authentication systems and blockchain are gaining momentum as significant trends in the market, gradually replacing centralized data and application servers. The basic concept is to represent identities of the user with encryption key-pairs that can be connected to additional parameters like the user's biometric data, replacing general passwords that make a high authentication.

Increasing number of cyberattacks faced by several enterprises around the world works in favor of the multi-factor authentication market, as almost every cyber-attack is targeted at small business in the form of ransomware attacks. Cyberattack also takes place in the form of hijacking corporate financial and online accounts. OneLogin's multi-factor authentication app called OneLogin Protect necessitates users to provide their identities using their smartphones. The app can also be used by integrating it with other third-party authentication factors such as Yubico's YubiKeys and Google Authenticator, providing a single sign-on option for desktops.

Cloud-based multi-factor authentication has become an integral aspect of an enterprise and is driving the market. Mobile is a primary focus for the Cloud MFA solutions found in today's times, where mobile options like facial recognition and fingerprint scan offer ease of use and make the whole experience as smooth as possible for users. SAASPASS offers cloud-based two-factor authentication that enables the user to sign into devices and applications securely and from any location.

For banks as well as finance organizations such as credit card providers, investment funds, and trading houses, protection of sensitive data as well as money of customers holds the highest importance. There are numerous links that can be used by hackers to gain access to customer's bank accounts online, helping them steal money.

Therefore, banking and finance sector makes heavy demand for 2FA solution with biometric solution for enhanced security of bank accounts and data of the customers.
Asia Pacific is estimated to be the fastest-expanding market for multifactor authentication in the years to come owing to a high degree of implementation of policies like bring your own device (BYOD). Also, choose your own device (CYOD) policy along with various other mobility services have given rise to cyber-attacks and data breaches, which boosts the demand for multi-factor authentication. China market is touted to be the most profitable out of all the countries in the region, on account of the striking advancement of electronic information technology. This technology makes is easy to obtain personal information and it is reported that China encounters a higher number of cyberattacks within the banking sector compared to the United States (U.S).

Therefore, to improve the online security level, companies' internet banking services offer customers with an elaborate range of two-factor authentication tools to protect the designated transactions as well as designated investment transactions conducted by customers using internet banking or mobile banking. These factors are bound to benefit the MFA market to a great extent.

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