Multi Rotor Air Robot

Inexpensive Multi Rotor Air Robot Project Now Running a Kickstarter Campaign

The campaign is looking for backers and has 20 days to go. It can capture amazing photos and videos from air.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2013 -- Multi Rotor Air Robot Project is now running a Kickstarter Campaign and looking for backers. The campaign features an advanced and inexpensive air robot with multi rotor system that enables anyone to capture videos and photos from air. The campaign has 20 days to go.

The campaign involves backing up a funding for the advanced Multi Rotor Air Robot project that would enable people to own an advanced drone.

The campaign initiator said, “We have 20 days in hand to check for backers of the Multi Rotor Air Robot project. The project is showing great promise as an unmanned effective drone device with user-friendly GPS, controlling apps, real time video and picture transmitting ability, etc.”

The project has so far attracted 68 backers offering $25,806 for further research, development and implementation. The latest FourBot has enabled easy clicking aerial videography and photography, application of smartphone for controlling camera capability and auto stabilization. The device also features a durable G10 material that is capable to withstand innumerable impact with ease.

According to a spokesperson of Kickstarter, “We are projecting a number of latest technical revolutionary products and are placing them forward to get funds for further research and development. Latest Multi Rotor Air Robot also deserves special mention as a crucial campaign.”

The drone is also available in various builders package with advanced kits for people who love to assemble advanced gadgets. The device has also undergone exclusive testing session for innumerable hours and has achieved perfect flying codes with highest stability.

Julie Augustus, an enthusiast of Kickstarter campaigns says, “I am a great fan of Kickstarter campaigns. I check out almost every campaign that features exclusive scientific gadgets of the future at their novice stage. I am planning to back up the latest Multi Rotor Air Robot project.”

The Multi Rotor Air Robot project helps anyone to feel like a pilot. It also takes pictures and videos in ‘bird’s eye view’ with an installed camera.

About The Multi Rotor Air Robot Project
The Multi Rotor Air Robot project is aimed to make piloting easy using user-friendly GPS and applications. The FourBot is an open source that enables custom modification according to user preference. For details, visit