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Multi Touchscreen Market - Apple iPhone Has Ushered a New Era of Multi-Touch Screen Technology

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Multi touch screen or capacitive display is integrated as a basic feature in any standard smartphone in present times. However, after its advent in 1980, it was not until Apple reintroduced the technology that multi touch screens came into the market forefront. The technology offers marked improvement over the conventional resistive touch screen displays.

Modern smartphone customers love to have all the information they could ever want at their fingertips. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface of multi touchscreen displays, when reintroduced to the market by Apple Inc., became an instant hit among consumers. It is best to say that the technology of multi-touch interface has revolutionized the conventional paradigm of mobile communication. The technology has also encouraged rapid replacement of traditional keyboards with high-end personal computing products such as tablets and smartphones.

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Apple iPhone to Boost Demand for Multi-touch Screen

Multi-touch screens have become very popular in recent times. The technology has an array of applications across diversified fields such as in household appliances, vehicle control consoles, vending machines, and industrial instrument. This has bolstered demand for multi touch screen technology in the global market remarkably.

The best example of capacitive technology is Apple Inc.'s iPhone. Apple was one of the first companies to integrate a multi-touch screen in their cell phones. A capacitive screen allows the users to zoom in and zoom out of images by making simple stretching gestures of their figures, thereby promoting flexibility and convenience in terms of mobile technology.

Owing to its growing popularity, the multi-touch screen technology is adopted by an increasing number of manufacturers worldwide. The producers have integrated the technology in the devices they manufacture and in doing so a new era of capacitive user interface has been ushered in.

Intuitive Application and Flexible Interface offered by Multi-touch Screen to Boost Demand from the Global Market

Multi touch technology treats the users with the benefits of an intuitive interface with multi touch technology. This allows users to browse through different pages and application with a feather-light touch of their fingertips. Hence, one can easily do away with the restrictions associated with the traditional keyboard and enjoy a rather smooth browsing experience.

An increasing number of applications related to capacitive technology are introduced in the market at regular intervals. This has led to a rise in demand for multi-touch screens in the global market. Increase in mobile phone sales and the rise in demand for tablets globally are other important growth drivers bolstering rapid growth in the global multi touch screens market. The escalating numbers of corporate buyers have created significant demand for multi-touch screen panels in the global market. Additionally, increasing application of the technology across retail, media, and advertising sectors is expected to significantly boost demand from the global multi-touch screen market in the forthcoming years.

Global Market Segmentation on the Basis of Products, Technology, and End-user Application

The global multi touch screens market is segmented on the basis of products, technology, and end-user applications. In terms of products, the market can be segmented into IT products, electronic products, mobiles phones, tablets, music players, touch pads, personal computers, kiosks, ATM, interactive screens, and hospitality counters.

Based on technology, the global multi touch screens market is segmented into capacitive, resistive, camera-based, vision-based, infrared, acoustic, embedded, and others. The application segment on the other hand comprises categories such as infotainment, government, entertainment, educations, and corporate.

Leading Players Dominating the Global Multi Touch-Screen Market

The global multi-touch screen market is thriving and is expected to register exponential growth in the next few years. Among the leading players in the market the most prominent names include, Apple Inc., Fujitsu Ltd, Microsoft Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, 3M8 LLC, Samsung Electronics, Immersion Corporation, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, 3M, Alps Electric, TPK Holding, U-touch UK, Hewlett-Packard, and Wintek Corporation.

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