Multi-Use Tool

Multi-Use Tool Invented, Provides a Better Method of Digging Holes


Brooksville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Louis Mlecka and Phillip Mlecka, a father-son team from Brooksville, Florida, have invented a new digging tool that makes it easier and less expensive to dig holes.

The Multi-use Lawn and Garden Tool is made entirely of PVC pipe and fittings. It works by the user simply pressing down on the easy-to-grip handle and turning it clock-wise. It should be pulled up and emptied out once the chamber fills with dirt. Initially, the tool creates a two-inch hole. In order to create a larger hole, repeat the process described above until the desired depth and width are reached.

“As far as we know, no other digging tool can make a deep hole this small,” said Mlecka. “Tighter fits are more secure and can prevent the user from creating extra work for themselves in the future.”

“The ability to dig smaller holes can also save you money because you’ll need fewer pieces of equipment to complete common jobs,” said Mlecka. “For example, with traditional tools, if you’re trying to place a pole in a hole smaller than two inches, you’ll need to dig a larger hole, insert the pole and then fill in the space with backfill and concrete. With our Multi-use Lawn and Garden Tool, you can dig one hole that’s a closer fit to start.”

The product weighs about two pounds and can be used to dig holes for posts, plants, trees, flower bulbs, plug grass, termite bait stations, stands for hanging plants, signs, bird feeders and flag poles. It also has many other uses, including burying dog waste on the spot.

Unfortunately, shipping costs can sometimes exceed the price of the product being sent. In an effort to make this product affordable to everyone, the inventors would like to license specific people throughout the country to produce and sell their tool independently. They can sell it at flea markets and to hardware stores, garden shops, nurseries and other retail stores. The cost of the materials needed to create the product is affordable, so any interested parties should contact Louis directly. They can be reached at 352-796-2089 or This product is patent pending.