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Multiple Vehicle Accidents: Fault and Compensation

This Press Release discusses multiple vehicle accidents, determining fault and receiving compensation for injuries and property damage.


Anchorage, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2019 -- It is not uncommon on a highway for accidents to involve multiple vehicles, in fact such accidents happen every day in various states. It takes only but a split second to cause irreparable damage. From that one act or failure to act comes a number of factors in determining liability and the root cause of the accident.

One article stated, "Weather and road conditions are determining factors in many cases involving multiple vehicles. Speeding, not yielding to existing traffic and following too closely can easily cause accidents that involve multiple vehicles. When a driver makes the mistake of drinking or using narcotics he or she may become a hazard on the road." 
If you have been involved in a multiple vehicle accident it is likely that you are wondering how your claim will be affected by the fact that the accident that injured you and resulted in property damage involves multiple vehicles. A Crowson Law Group attorney stated the following, "When an accident involves multiple vehicles it is handled differently as compared to when there are only two cars involved. One of the first differences is that such accidents require extensive fact-checking when it comes to claims. It is not uncommon for legal representatives, insurance adjusters and other relevant persons to analyze the reports of the accident scene and complete a determination with regards to the responsible party. When multiple vehicle accidents are caused by a chain reaction accident this may require more inspection in order to determine who was liable. It is not uncommon for one driver to claim that the individual in front of him stopped suddenly and a complete stop could not be made in time in order to avoid the accident. However, while each individual sees the accident from a different perspective, accident reconstruction experts may be enlisted by top lawyers in Anchorage Alaska in order to determine liability and to show how the accident actually occurred."

Another tell-tale sign when it comes to multiple vehicle accidents is the specific damage and injuries sustained by individuals involved in the accident. Such proof can be used to build one's claim and to determine responsibility. In addition, each driver has such a duty of care to the other drivers so where there is proof of an element of negligence that resulted in injuries to another driver, the injured individual has the right to compensation from the negligent driver. However, the Crowson Law Group attorney stated that when multiple vehicles are in a collision negligence becomes much more difficult to determine by law enforcement and legal representatives because more questions are asked to get more details and thus liability becomes complex.

The state of Alaska uses the theory of contributory negligence when it comes to issues regarding fault. In claims involving multiple vehicles, where each individual has a percentage of fault they are responsible for that percentage and that percentage is deducted from their award for compensation. To receive legal advice and representation when you have suffered injury and property damage as a result a multiple vehicle accident contact lawyers in Anchorage.

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