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Mum in Business International Announces 30 Remarkable Life and Business Coaching Sessions to Take Place in December

The Best Way to Get Ready for a Bright New Start in 2014


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- For the fresh year to come and with a desire to help others, Mum in Business launches a unique offer: 30 premium coaching sessions offered to self-employed parents and small business owners wanting to be successful in life and business, while surpassing all emotional or practical obstacles they have been facing so far.

Developed by resourceful Rosemary Nonny Knight, who has been struggling with problems on her own prior to finding the path towards living a fulfilling life and has received a Porsche Boxter in 2012 as winner of “Better Your Best” property business of the year award, the sessions are vital for anyone. They will provide insight on how to have more focus, how to productively build a business whilst still being a successful parent, how can one get unstuck and make the most of his or her potential, how can one get back into the business world when one is X years old, how can one make a passion an important part of his or her life, building great relationships, compelling marketing strategies to double one’s clients rapidly, how to close sales in a non-harassing manner and much more.

Considering her outstanding expertise and the great testimonials of some of the people she has trained written on her website, the limited number of coaching sessions Rosemary Nonny Knight will provide in December 2013 should not be missed by anyone wanting to make the impossible possible, adjust to the new world and live a better life next to his or her family. For a brand new beginning in 2014, everybody should take advantage of this amazing opportunity to work with her as personal coach, draft a plan, and create the life and the business that they want. There is no better Christmas present than a coaching session that will teach one how to deal with all areas of life, such as health, money, work, friendship, power, spirituality, rest, and family in view to thrive and make one’s dreams come true.

Anyone who is ready and determined to employ Rosemary Nonny Knight’s wisdom and skills can book such a special session, especially since the coach herself is providing a guarantee that her training will help people live up to their potential, go beyond any limitations and recognize what they are capable of.

There is no better time than now and December 2013 is the time to change for 2014 and one’s entire life. Just keep in mind that the number of training sessions is limited and only 30 persons will be able to benefit of the coach’s exclusive strategy.

To learn more about the amazing offer involving 30 coaching sessions for just 30 GBP each, Mum in Business or the extraordinary Rosemary Nonny Knight, please go to and fill in the form on the website or call +1 (850) 273-6785 (US) or +44 121 318 5554.

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