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A plethora of articles on offers soon-to-be mothers and new mothers the information and resources they're looking for in one place.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- Recent statistics reveal more than half of new moms were not ready to have a child and many of these new moms did not have all of the information they desired to help them through their pregnancy and on their journey to learn how to become a mother., an online parenting portal, offers relevant information for any pregnant woman or new mother requiring a single place to find answers to all of their questions.

Alexandra, the spokesman for, knows most women have questions about their pregnancy, especially if it's their first pregnancy. "We understand there's a lot of information available to soon-to-be moms," she stated, "and we know many of them desire a single place to find the answers to any of their questions." strives to be that one stop website for all their needs.

Articles like offer a plethora of information for the pregnant woman and advice for dealing with minor and more serious issues which can affect a pregnant woman. These articles help a woman understand what is happening with her body, why it's happening, and what can be done to relieve the discomfort.

Once the baby arrives, mothers may have a whole new set of questions. "We understand that parenting a child is unique based on each child's traits and temperaments," Alexandra explained, "and we help by providing answers to many of the parenting questions a new mom might have through all of the stages of parenting."

For the new mom, articles like can give them insight on the various parenting styles. This offers women the answers to their questions and helps any mother feel more confident in their own choices on what is right for their child and family.

Alexandra explains, a growing family doesn't have to be difficult to handle. For numerous women, the answers to a variety of questions are hard to find. helps provide the answers about many questions dealing with pregnancy and parenting. This ensures a parent can find any desired resources for pregnancy and motherhood. The website, according to the spokesperson, is always updating the information offered in order to stay relevant to the needs of soon-to-be mothers and new mothers.

About has experts who contribute to the articles on their website which offer women the guidance necessary when they're expecting a baby or a new mother. This resource also offers information on relationships and family life and has a section for free resources for mothers. Both pregnant women and mothers can enjoy articles that tell them what to expect, how to handle what's happening, and give them tips on how to navigate their new family.