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Murder in the House of the Muse: Compelling New Murder Mystery Exposes Failing State of Modern Orchestras

Fusing a delicious murder mystery with an exposé of the crumbling financial condition of the U.S symphony orchestra scene, renowned music expert Leni Bogat swaps his piano for a pen and produces a literary masterpiece. He hopes his novel will serve as the overture to a better future for the musical arts.


The Woodlands, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- ‘Murder in the House of the Muse’ is not your everyday murder mystery novel. Aside from being one of only a handful set among the classical music scene, the book also doubles as a frank and honest showcase of what is behind the crumbling world of the symphony orchestra.

Written by renowned classical music expert, Leni Bogat, the book is poised to garner a cult following among music lovers around the world.


The novel introduces the world to Jeremy Wadlington-Smythe, 13th Earl of Eakring and Wellow and a newcomer to the wonderful world of the ‘whodunnit’. The accomplished orchestral conductor on the international stage with a unique view of his mission accepts an engagement to lead a major American symphony orchestra only to find himself in the midst of murder and mayhem.

The book is the first in a planned mystery series based around the life of its protagonist. A quirky and funny character, Smythe is joined by an entertaining cast who help him solve a complex plot of multiple murders.

Everything takes place while the world of the United States’ symphony orchestra crumbles financially; in line with the plight of many orchestras around the world.

As the author explains, Jeremy’s situation is something that could easily play out in the real world.

“Because of his unorthodox approach to the business of making orchestral music, Jeremy is hired by the president of the board of a major symphony orchestra. This wreaks havoc in the industry as the majority of the administrators feel his approach is in direct contradiction to the century-old paradigm in which they are all floundering, a plight shared by orchestras both on home soil and abroad,” Bogat says.

Continuing, “The mystery itself evolves from this background, and the polemic and the mystery are intertwined. The story is enriched with details of the inner workings of this world based on first-hand experience.”

Seen as a vital contributor by many within the world of classical music, Bogat has more serious hopes than literary fame. His ultimate goal is to rescue the culture of orchestra before it’s too late.

“The book has very important things to say about the current state of our orchestras, why they are failing, and how to fix them. It is my hope, in addition to providing entertainment to my fellow mystery lovers, that the book will develop a cult following among classical music lovers, and that it will be read, and taken seriously, by thousands more who are in the business of arts administration,” he adds.

‘Murder in the House of the Muse’ is due for digital publication by the end of February, with a trade paperback to follow.

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About the Author: Leni Bogat
A classically trained conductor and pianist, a successful international metals trader, a noted writer on music and musicians, and a tin miner, Bogat has a wealth of life experience from which to draw in pursuit of his passion for the murder mystery.