Murdered Poet Showcases Work Thru "Dishonesty Tangles"

“Dishonesty Tangles: God’s Soldier Caught in The Devil’s War” showcases the poems of Ruben Michael Fematt, a poet murdered in June 2011.


Carson, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- “Dishonesty Tangles: God’s Soldier Caught in The Devil’s War” is a new book that showcases the works of poet Ruben Michael Fematt, murdered in June 2011. While the crime is still unsolved, the writer’s poems were said to have documented an explicitly honest account of his life including who the murdered poet thought would eventually end his life. Life experiences that include drug addiction, being incarcerated, and a number of times in rehab contribute to Fematt’s poetry, with a strong theme of liars and lies featured throughout the book.

While some of the poems written by Fematt raised more questions about his murder, various people have been inspired by his writings. Hundreds of people attended his funeral and many recounted stories and moments where the murdered poet made a difference in their life or was inspiring to them in some way, despite his hardened lifestyle. The new book with Fematt’s collection of poetry was released to the public by his family after realizing the impact it could have on others.

Available in paperback on, the full color 160-page book showcases the entire collection of poetry by Ruben Michael Fematt along with photographs taken from the area where Fematt lived and died. Raised in the portside city of Wilmington, California, Fematt fell into what his family called “foolish and dangerous behaviors” in his late teens. Many believed his life had “spiraled into an abyss”. As an adult, Fematt began writing poetry and continued until he was shot and killed in an alley behind his home. His poetry collection was salvaged, with any clues pointing to Fematt’s murderer taken by detectives. The murder of Ruben Michael Fematt is still an open investigation.

“Dishonesty Tangles: God’s Soldier Caught in The Devil’s War” is available exclusively from and the family of Ruben Michael Fematt has created a website at with more information.

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