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Mushroom Materials Market Explores New Growth Opportunities by 2015 - 2025

These materials can be fabricated or molded into boards needed for furniture industry with considerable durability and working life.


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2016 -- Mushroom materials are developed from agricultural waste and other suitable materials which are completely biodegradable and free from any volatile organic compound content. These materials are the suitable alternatives for plastic and other synthetic based materials. The mushroom materials manufacturing process involves mixing agricultural by-products such as woody biomass, husks, cellulosic biomass, and other residual biomass with self-digesting crop residuals and other biomaterials. Fungi grows on the mixture for some days and the objects or molds are further cured to manufacture desired pieces needed for electronic components, spare parts and other accessories or components. These materials can be fabricated or molded into boards needed for furniture industry with considerable durability and working life.

Mushroom Materials Market: Drivers & Restraints

Mushrooms are good to eat, but their roots may be far more significant to manhood. They can be used to make mushroom based building materials that are stronger than concrete, have more insulating power than fiberglass, and are completely compostable. The drivers identified in growth of mushroom materials are eco-friendly characteristics, easier workability, and light weight than conventional materials which makes it easy to transport to distances. However, limited availability of the mushroom roots and other agricultural waste are the major constraints for the mushroom materials market.

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Mushroom Materials Market: Segmentation

Mushroom materials market is segmented on the basis of geography, application and feedstock type. The application segment of the mushroom materials is further segmented into thermal insulation panels, building materials, protective packaging and others. On the basis of feedstock type, it can be further segmented into wood fiber, buckwheat hulls and cotton seed.

Mushroom MaterialsMarket: Region-wise Outlook

The global mushroom materials market is geographically segmented into seven key regions which are, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East & Africa.

The mushroom material is relatively new to the market and has been evolved over last decade, at present the market for this material is much concentrated in North American region but with increasing awareness among the industry players the adoption of this material is expected to grow in nearing future. The market for mushroom materials once hits mass commercialization; may exceed present growth potential multifold times across the globe. It may even outpace the growth of advanced materials which are currently exhibiting growth between 10% and 15% across the globe.

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Mushroom Materials Market: Key Players

The market has currently few players operating at regional or domestic level. With the technological advancements and increasing degree of 'know-how' more market players are expected to join the competition. The only settled players identified in the mushroom materials market is Ecovative Design.