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Music Artists Find Hyphenate Heaven

Indie Films Attract Multi-Talented Musical Artists like Moths to a Torch


Yucca Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- The free-wheeling indie film world seems to attract multi-talented artists, and so it has, once more: Sara Jordan Powell, who has sung Gospel in the White House for two Presidents and toured with the great Ray Charles, has married her famous, high-soprano Gospel vocals to her acting debut in The Mizpah Benediction. Miri Hunter, with her already popular real-life musical career, joins Powell as a fellow hyphenate as vocalist-actress in her lead role.

Will Kelly, Actor-Musical Director, has woven the traditional lyrics and melodies born of the tribulations of our national history into John Huff’s new indie Feature, The Mizpah Benediction. “He knew exactly what I meant by ‘Roots Gospel,’ and found it a rich, artistic opportunity,” says writer-producer John Huff.

In The Mizpah Benediction, a respected Pentecostal matriarch and truly good foster mom (Sarah Jordan Powell) is visited on her deathbed by her Atheist daughter (Miri Hunter), called home for a last request. In the search and discovery which ensues, and ensnares, Amy (Adia Joelle) goes through the crisis of redefining herself, not for the sake of her empirical realism, but for a relationship.

John Huff reflects on a hyphenation-positive result of, well… hyphenation. Actor-Musical Director Kelly approached Writer-Producer Huff regarding how a scene (which he exits) between his stereotype-free pastor and soon-to-depart matriarch should be played. He thought that since both actors were such musically rich characters, he should sing, and she, harmonize to enhance their validity. “I said, ‘Go!’ and the result was a powerful new version of the sacred hymn, “Farther Along.” Huff smiles. “This only makes our right-for-the-heart soundtrack even stronger!”

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The Mizpah Campaign is seven years in the making. The screenplay took three years to write. After that, it took one year of showing the script to people that from then avoided the author. It took another year of getting three people to read it and give no-bull technical and artistic feedback.

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