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Music Community "Has It Leaked" Brings Pirates and Labels Together


Gothenburg, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- Music community and news site Has It Leaked has launched a bold new redesign for the music community, giving fans new ways to tailor news and info about their favorite bands and upcoming releases.

The site, which primarily focuses on scouring internet sources to determine whether or not an album has leaked or is streaming in advance online, has grown to be a premiere source for news and discussions about upcoming albums, with over 20 million visitors coming to the site in the last year alone.

Lead developer Prakhar Kumar promises the site will provide “…a better & more consistent user experience. Everything has been built from scratch keeping exactly that in mind.”

The new features on Has it Leaked will allow users to have a central hub for information on upcoming releases, far beyond the simple answer to the site’s titular question. The site now features news, previews, and a dedicated community of fans talking about their favorite bands and their upcoming albums. By making the site a source for news about upcoming releases, the new Has It Leaked is providing fans a single location for news and discussion. By following their favorite bands, users can get a customized, up to the minute feed of news about all the artists they care the most about.

Site founder Staffan Ulmert said of the relaunch “It’s no longer just about leaks. We’re empowering the fans to add content. We’ve also brought on a community manager, Muriel, to help fans share news and enliven discussions. And since we want to act as a mediator between fans and labels, we're also adding official streams from labels to our roster."

In addition to the new features, the site merges modern art and music, featuring art from established artists like Leah Yerpe, Joseba Eskubi, as well as art from up and coming artists like Craww, Kate Zambrano and Maria Hagejärd.

About Has it Leaked
Has it Leaked is a music community and online magazine produced by Valdemar Web Agency & Media Network. Has it Leaked launched in January 2012 by Swedish music producer and editor­in­chief Staffan Ulmert and features content by writers such as Sean May. It is a platform for music fans to discuss album leaks, without providing downloads or links to downloads.


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