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Music Conservatories Eliminate Fees for Students

Tuitions for local conservatories have been eliminated. This provides more opportunities music school trips.


Brighton, East Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- In modern times it grows harder and harder for children to make time for music lessons, and for parents to be able to afford them. Music is often a pricey hobby to undertake, the instrument and lesson costs are enough to make any parent wary. For those students in Scotland though, a fabulous opportunity has arisen.

Politicians have welcomed the elimination of fees for music lessons in five authority areas. This means that thousands of children will be able to learn instruments without having to pay. This will also be a great opportunity to integrate more music school trips into primary and secondary schools, adding a bit more diversity to the curriculums.

School Travel Service, which hosts many music school trips over the course of the year, is raving about this new legislation. “Music is such an important creative outlet students should always be able to take advantage of. This new action will be great for the younger generations and the future of the U.K.”

With children staying inside and watching television or on the internet at all hours of the day, this new action will help create a future population that is more well-rounded. Children will be able to access a musical education just like a standard education, for free.

The exam fees for those students who have to take the required exam as a music student will also be eliminated. Playing an instrument counts for up to 60 percent of the exam needed for a final mark, and many students were paying hundreds of pounds to pass. Scotland is making many changes in their curriculums, not just with music. School trips are also becoming more of a focus for the government in an effort to cultivate a more positive interactive learning experience.

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