Bietry Academy of Music

Music Lessons in Colorado Springs Enrich Young Lives in Many Positive Ways

The gift of music education is not lost on Colorado Springs students of all ages.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Writing for CNN about "The Important of Music Education in Schools" Vince DiFiore remarked about the scholastic and social value that learning music can instill in young people. DiFiore writes, "Students that participate in music education have higher class and test scores. Their cognitive and personal development also benefits from having music play a significant role in their lives.

Vince DiFiore explains, "Middle and High School students that enjoyed music showed higher levels of skill in such subjects as mathematics by grade 12. When students learn to play a musical instrument it also positively impacts their ability to absorb language. Learning music also permits each of us to gain a more comprehensive perspective of art and culture. For even the musical novice, the sense of self esteem that learning a musical instrument provides is well worth the time and effort."

To meet the demands of Colorado parents who wish to provide music education to their children, The Bietry Academy of Music was founded. Brad Bietry, owner and founder describes their mission this way, "We make it easy and affordable for all parents to provide an education in music for their children. Our academy offers a savings of time and money so families with several children can make learning an instrument or voice training possible for multiple members of their group. Making this possible is our method of allowing students to sign up for lessons for multiple musical instruments, instead of having to choose and concentrate on just one. In addition, the music lessons colorado springs residents can take advantage of provide classes on multiple instruments that can be scheduled on the same day. This is directly possible because our school offers lessons taught by experienced professionals on over 16 different wind, string and percussion instruments."

Brad Bietry attributes much of their success teaching everything from tuba to guitar lessons colorado springs students enjoy, to the dedication of his instructors. "The music teachers at The Bietry Academy of Music are devoted to making the musical goals of each student as important as it deserves to be. This academy has at least three qualified teachers for every instrument, so each student has a chance to find the teacher that they find they can excel with for the long run. When hiring each of my instructors, I am not only confident that their teaching credentials are impressive in music education, but that their personalities can reach students on a level of friendship and admiration."

Brad Bietry is also proud to add that his academy provides such classes as piano lessons colorado springs parents will find both accessible as well as affordable. He states," Our school is the only one in Colorado Springs that offers music education on a flexible seven day a week basis. We also offer classes from the early morning hours to the late night to accommodate the schedules of students of all ages. To meet these ends, our classrooms are stocked with everything you will need for your individual lesson including guitar amps, pianos and drum sets. All you need to do is bring a student into the Bietry Academy of Music for them to be expertly taught in our soundproof music rooms, complete with observation windows."

About The Bietry Academy of Music
This music academy is quickly becoming the largest music school in all of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They boast an active enrollment of over 400 students in over 16 different instruments that range from the traditional marching band and string orchestra, to rock and roll rock. Private lessons are offered in voice and on all instruments, always adapted to meet the needs of each student. Advanced students of all ages can also participate in musical groups and performances staged by the academy in the Colorado Springs area.