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Music Producer Moe Rock Launching a Promotional Company for Independent Artists


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Global music producer Moe Rock, who has collaborated with Grammy Nominated artists, is working with investors and is currently in the infantile stage of building a new company targeted at helping elevate the status of independent and unsigned artists. The company is designed to utilize the Internet as a main method of promotion and will work closely with Internet distributing companies (iTunes, Amazon) for distribution as well as working with affiliates of VEVO for video marketing.

The company is set to launch in early 2014 and will consist of a experienced team of people designated for different roles including (but not limited to) social media marketing, viral campaigning, social media street teams, distribution, mainstream media, interview exposure, public relations and content production.

The investors are confident that this will be a game changer in the music industry in the long-term as now independent artists will have the ability to use the same methods and strategies as mainstream corporations at a hands on and tangible level.

The same push that is used to establish credibility for a major label project with now be accessible to independent artists thus allowing it to be a even playing field, Moe Rock is optimistic that this will be a unique opportunity for those who have felt neglected by the industry in the past; “I know that there are talented artists who feel helpless but this is a giant victory for those who have limited funds but want unlimited exposure”. He says “Working with Grammy nominated artists help funnel that spirit of greatness and now its time for me to share that with those on the come up, we can work together to level the playing field of the music industry and make it a talent based structure and no longer a money based structure because after all it is the music that counts.”

No official name has been publicly released about the company name however we can confirm that the launch has been scheduled for early 2014 and we can also confirm that when it is announced it will be via Twitter from Moe Rock’s twitter page ( @MoeRockOnline ) the project will open exclusively for the U.S Market and is expected to be international by the end of the third quarter of 2014.