Has it Leaked?

Music Site Has It Leaked Gains 10,000 Members; Declares "Suck It Zuckerberg"

HasItLeaked.com, a site dedicated to the discussion of leaked music, has since its launch in early 2012 grown at a record pace. The community now enjoys half a million unique visitors and 800,000 page loads per month. Today the site hit 10,000 registered members and jokingly declares war against Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.


Gothenburg, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2012 -- Has it Leaked? is a user-generated music news site focusing on upcoming albums. It isn't a download site, but rather a place where people can openly talk about and alert others to news regarding their favorite artist's upcoming album. It has, since its launch in January 2012, stated that while it allows for discussions about leaked pirated music, but it doesn't allow for people to link to or distribute copyrighted material.

The site is unique since it provides a way for music fans to be notified when an upcoming album has leaked out early on the net. While the site doesn't provide any download links, it allows visitors to rate, discuss and review albums in advance of its official release.

Site creator and administrator Staffan Ulmert states that, "The record industry can shut down sites like Megaupload, Demonoid or Oink - It doesn't matter, leaked music is a big part of the music industry. And while I don't support piracy it's difficult to ignore the fact that people listen to albums before they hit retail. And I want to provide a platform to have that discussion, without being shut down for spreading files."

The site has in eight months gained an impressive amount of followers and members. It currently gets 500,000 unique visitors and 800,000 page loads per month. According to Alexa.com it ranks as the 40,000th most popular site in the US and as of today it has over 10,000 registered members. "We're getting more and more visitors each week and I bet Zuckerberg [Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook] gets more and more worried. But he can suck it, with 10,000 members we're closing in on Facebook and he knows it!" declares Ulmert.

While it might not be true that the site is even close to the number of Facebook members, the site has proven to be an interesting alternative to sites like Pitchfork, NME, Stereogum or Rolling Stone. And since the site's content is added by the members, it can only get better as the community grows.

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