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Music Studio London Aficionados Herald the Opening of Teeth Studios


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Like the singular distinctiveness of a fingerprint, the choice of recording studios for a band or artist reveals rather than defines who they are. With the opening of the new Teeth Studios, artists from indie bands to well-known artists are finding their sound at the UK’s newest recording studio. Teeth Studios mixes some of the greatest vintage and modern-day equipment in a fantastic recording environment to give UK musicians total control of their sound.

In today’s music business, the one chance to get the sound right has made demos a thing of the past. While musicians can now have greater control of their destiny in the marketplace, it begins with great sounding tracks that hold nothing back. UK artists are discovering that the music studio London professionals at the new Teeth Studios can unleash the whisper-to-a-scream polished sound that exemplifies who they are as musicians.

“We’ve assembled the right mix of environment, equipment and production personnel to help any artists lay down the types of tracks that make people stand up and take notice,” said Teeth Studios Engineer James Whiting. “Everything and everyone here works in service of producing pristine sound with warmth, depth, polish and precision akin to everyone’s favorite recordings.”

Run by James Whiting, who learned his engineering skills at the same college as Nigel Godrich, the standout recording studio London environment features a bevy of top quality vintage gear. Bands and artists will be surrounded by vintage preamps from Neve and API, a fantastic microphone collection and a mix of iconic and cutting-edge outboard gear for compression, limiting, effects and processing. From the old Studer 1/4 inch two-track tape machine sitting pretty on the side, to the 1963 black oyster pearl Ludwig drum kit, bands and artists have access to some of the purest sounding recording gear and backline instruments available.

The studio’s live room is capable of producing a superb drum sound that is coveted by all of the surrounding music studio London producers and engineers that are specialist in drum recording. The studios are provided with an engineer who will guide clients through their session and help in getting them a great sound. Included in the price of the session will be a mix of the track/s that are recorded in that session.

Teeth Studios has already catered to previous clients such as Laura Marling as well as being frequented by other producers such as Mark Ronson and Zane Lowe. Even Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood can sometimes be spotted around the place on the odd occasion. “What we offer is a chance for a band or artist to be in complete control in a recording environment that produces great tracks ready for you to market and distribute yourself,” said Whiting. For more information, please visit http://teethstudios.co.uk/

About Teeth Studios
Teeth Studios offers a great opportunity to record using analog vintage equipment to get a sound that just can’t be replicated using plug-ins. Teeth Studios have a great selection of vintage and modern day-equipment including an old Studer two track 1/4 inch tape machine, as well as a selection of vintage Neve and API pre amps. They also feature a great selection of microphones old and new and a great backline of instruments including a vintage 1963 Black Oyster Pearl Ludwig drum kit and vintage amps all capable of creating great sounding records with precision and warmth.