Music to "Make You Feel": StormKing Emerge on New Album and Featured Compilation Track

With StormKing III and a featured track on WiFi PR Group’s recently released Indie Anthems Vol. 4, bandleader Duke Adkisson aims to produce rock music that “makes you feel.”


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Named for a peak in the Cascade Mountains southwest of Mt. Ranier, StormKing is the product of a musician hitting his stride at the pinnacle of his performing and songwriting career. Backed by a supporting band that believes in bandleader Duke Adkisson’s music and message, Adkisson, the lead singer and guitarist, delves into a host of different life experiences, producing notes, words and progressions that are blended together in ways that people are not accustomed to experiencing. He calls it music that “makes you feel.”

StormKing is the brainchild of Duke Adkisson, a long-time and established musician with a plethora of varied music experiences under his belt. He began writing poetry and songs before he was ten and says that he destroyed his mother’s nylon string guitar while trying to figure out the secrets of chords and scales. He played his first “professional” gig at age 14 and continued to play regularly through high school.

While at the University of Washington and Bellevue College, Adkisson then joined two groups, Celebration and Madrigals, which were based in more “classical” genres like blues and jazz and which introduced him to levels of discipline and technique he had not yet explored before. He was guided under the wings of other talented musicians who taught him how to use his entire life experience to bring new aspects to music without alienating the experience of the performance itself.

During this time, he had the opportunity to tour internationally and perform in front of a wide array of audiences with these groups while also maintaining rock pursuits on the side as he gigged with other cover bands. He then had a great run with Love Lies Bleeding performing in the Seattle scene before finally taking a brief hiatus.

Eventually, Adkisson wrote a flurry of tracks—more than 30 songs—for guitar, which he then took to local singer-songwriter showcases. Due to a positive response, he decided it was time to move into the studio. A mutual friend recommended Bruce Whitcomb of Arcade Recording/Red Arrow Records as a good fit for Adkisson’s music, and the pair hit it off and jumped right into recording about 20 to 25 of his songs.

As they worked out the songs, it became clear to Adkisson that many of them deserved the “full-band” treatment, and using Whitcomb’s connections in the local scene, they assembled a band of distinguished musicians to fill out the songs—a project that became known as the first StormKing album and its distinct blended rock ‘n’ roll feel. Two more StormKing albums, StormKing II and StormKing III, were to come, including the latter recently released to coincide with the release of WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 4, which debuted at SXSW in March 2014.

With their featured track “All Fall Down,” StormKing join a host of other rising international talent spanning a wide range of genres on WiFi PR Group’s indie artist sampler. The digital mixtape was handed out on 3,500 download cards to SXSW attendees, and 1,500 more download copies are now available on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp website.

Besides the track on Indie Anthems, you can hear more of StormKing’s music on Adkisson’s ReverbNation page. You can also find their music on CDBaby, iTunes, Rhapsody and other music distribution networks.

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