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Musical Festival App Connects Concertgoers With Their Perfect Match


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2012 -- The music festival has become a steadfast part of modern culture. The combination of friends, fun and the opportunity to hear some great music has people all over the world making pilgrimages to festivals everywhere.

For many, though, deciding on which festivals to attend can be a difficult task. Not only is it impossible to keep track of all the upcoming festivals in a particular area and the details of their line-ups, the cost of festival tickets can be significant, meaning attending one festival may result in not being able to attend another. For this reason, finding the festival that checks all the right boxes is vital.

Thankfully, a British start-up may have just the answer. StormGate has launched one of the most exciting apps of 2012, announcing this ChooseFest – Find a Festival platform is now available for festival-lovers worldwide.

A simple idea but a strong prototype, ChooseFest enables users to locate festivals based on their own existing music preferences, either directly sourced from the user, their Facebook data or even their Last.fm information. The app then scours the definitive festival list of 2012 and matches users with different events based on festival line-ups and music styles. For those who’re keen to take the work out of finding a festival this year, it’s impossible to ignore the impressive usefulness of ChooseFest.

While it’s almost impossible to compare more than one festival easily, and though there is a few options for starting a festival search, none have allowed the simple yet detailed functionality of ChooseFest. With little more than a few keystrokes, people from all over the world now have the ability to effortlessly link to a huge array of festivals and music events all based on their pre-existing likes and preferences. Each user is then granted access to their own ‘festival page’ in which all their matches are conveniently displayed.

So for those looking to make the best of the festival season this summer, ChooseFest might be the most convenient, easy to use solution for finding the perfect festival. With detailed line-ups of each and every major upcoming festival, a great example being the T in The Park Festival Page 2012, ChooseFest is on track to become the next big thing in social apps for 2012.

About ChooseFest
ChooseFest is the latest project from StormGate, an app development company based in England. ChooseFest matches users to festivals by collating their tastes and comparing them to up to date line-up information. For more information on ChooseFest visit http://www.choosefest.com