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MusicPromoToday Teams Up with Samsung on Innovative New Digital Campaign


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2018 -- MusicPromoToday is a leading branding and marketing agency based in USA, Canada and Europe, that has previously collaborated on digital campaigns for icons such as Beyonce, Jay Z, and Jennifer Lopez. Partnered with Universal Music Group, MusicPromoToday holds a reputable standing in the industry, allowing the agency to deliver successful results to their carefully selected client roster of both signed and unsigned artists. Having joined forces with Samsung, MusicPromoToday's influence and reach has expanded to new heights. As director of communications, Anthony Katz explains, "brand partnerships bring new opportunities to artists, either through added exposure, added funding, or simply the added credibility that you gain by associating yourself with a big brand." Anthony Katz has previously helped artists like Swizz Beatz launch his 'Monster Mondays' campaign and collaborate with brands such as Reebok and Aston Martin.

With a key focus on innovative digital and growth marketing techniques, MusicPromoToday is relevant to the times and up-to-date with the current trends in music marketing and branding. Whether it be through Spotify algorithms or influencer playlists on Soundcloud or YouTube, MusicPromoToday knows how to give you the online value you need to get you seen and heard by the audience you desire. With the growing economic clout of millennials and Gen Z, joining in on this digital trend is essential for every artist starting out and MusicPromoToday is there to help you navigate and stand out from the pack.

This new partnership with Samsung will widen the audience that MusicPromoToday shares with its artists. Having a growing number of multi-national brand partnerships, including Adidas and JBL, the scope of MusicPromoToday's reach is getting exponentially bigger by the day. The importance of working with large-scale brands such as these is the added influence that you can obtain.

Prime example of this marketing trend, is Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer of FCA-Global , who decided that to pitch Fiat and Chrysler to millennial buyers, he was going to begin incorporating rising acts like Interscope record's "X Ambassadors" in his ads. Through this partnership, the track "Renegades", initially written for a Chrysler Jeep-campaign ended up hitting No.17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

X Ambassadors hitting gold is not a unique case, a reputable brand backing you makes influencers, press, and media channels more receptive to your art and as Anthony states "raises your stage". Touted by Billboard as the "masters of music marketing", it's safe to say that with MusicPromoToday's 12 years of industry expertise, digital innovation, fast-paced growth and the team-up with a brand like Samsung will help widen the reach of artists and make this pair a force to be reckoned with that any new artist should want on their side.

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MusicPromoToday provides services such as PR, digital music marketing, and branding for artists and labels from around the world. Their clients include Grammy award-winning artists, as well as independent artists from North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe. It has grown from a company with 5 employees to a team of over 40, spread across three locations.