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Mutual Customers Lead Cole Information and SalesDialers to Form a Strategic Partnership - More Than One Year in the Making


Savannah, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- More than 65 years ago, Jack Cole changed the way reference and prospecting was done. Through the use of punch card technology, he created one of the first criss-cross reference directories. Today, his innovation lives on in the technology used to connect business owners with their next fantastic customer.

Cole Information isn’t about selling data, its mission is to help small business find new customers. At the same time, it was these same small businesses that brought the two together and inspired this partnership.

“SalesDialers is an industry leader in web-based CRM dialing solutions and we’re always looking for ways to add value for our customers be it with complementary products and sales training” says Cory Prado National Sales Manager with “We don’t want to provide just a dialer… we want to understand a particular industry and cater our products and services accordingly providing a turnkey solution to help Small Business grow.”

Both companies share similar client demographics and run in the same circles at industry and customer-sponsored events. “Cory and I first talked about a partnership more than a year ago, sharing a similar level of excitement and enthusiasm from the beginning. After countless emails and phone conversations the timing was right for 2014 and all the pieces just fell into place. I think we’re both equally excited about the possibilities” says Tyler Steenken, Business Development Manager with Cole Information.

“Seamless integration with a leader in the cloud based telephony industry just makes sense for us as a company, but more importantly for our agents,” says Jim Eggelston, Cole Information’s President and CEO. He goes on to say integration between the two platforms provides any small business a web-based prospecting solution that can compile and call a list of meaningful prospects in just minutes. Even better, the turnkey solution is priced with the small business in mind and traditional call centers wish they could offer. “My passion is to make the prospects Cole Information offers, actionable and that is what this valuable partnership is all about.”

Cole Neighborhoods is your solution for accurate, unlimited phone numbers and household details. Together with Sales Dialers, we can help you succeed in finding new customers. To learn more, go to

Your Cole subscription entitles you to:
- Critical Numbers on Every Neighbor Surrounding a current client.
- Map out a neighborhood to target or call an entire zip code(s), city or county.
- Tailor your message based on length of residence, home value, purchase amount, birth dates and more.