Joe Bragg Expands the Range of Topics Covered to Include Personal Passions

Dr Muzzafar Zaman has been blogging for fifteen years on diet, exercise and nutrition, and is now expanding his writing to cover his passions as well as his professional mission.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Diet and exercise are two of the most fundamental foundation stones of a healthy life, but many people neglect their emotional and psychological health while in high pressure jobs, which can lead them into bad lifestyle habits that can cause them to quickly become physically unhealthy too. Dr. Muzzafar Zaman has spent the last fifteen years helping people lose weight and find their healthiest self with his regular blog on diet and nutrition. Now, he is branching out to cover a more diverse range of topics than ever before.

The new material includes reviews of abstract art at the Belgravia Gallery, motivation for getting through tough job interviews, motivation for graduate students looking to source the right start for their careers, and even a new guest writer to focus on technology.

Dr. Zaman himself continues to write regularly on the latest innovations in nutrition and diet strategy, as well as creating material for parents looking to feed their children healthily and avoid the increasing level of childhood obesity. The blog has even started to produce video content on Vimeo.

A spokesperson for Muzzafar Zaman explained, "We have expanded the horizons of our blog to cover more topics than ever before, in order to broaden our mission from one focused entirely on weight loss to a more global sense of well being in every area of life, including health, work and leisure. The idea is to promote a balanced life as much as a balanced diet, as getting these broader life skills honed will help people better maintain their diet and exercise regimes, and stay positively motivated to have a healthier, happier life that requires less excess. We look forward to seeing what our growing audience makes of our new material."

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