MVDWI Fast Emerging as the Best Drunk Driving Defense Law Firm in New Jersey

Fast Emerging as the Best Drunk Driving Defense Law Firm in New Jersey - MVDWI


Wall, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- MVDWI, a leading law firm offering legal services to all those charged with driving drunk, has emerged as a reliable name in the practice area. The law firm invites inquiries about results attained for clients in defense of a DWI or “no insurance charge”. To say it differently, Mr. Baffuto will tell you himself about his rate of success; not only how many cases taken, but how many were found “Not Guilty”.

The best DUI attorney in NJ claims, “No Automobile Liability Insurance Charge is one of the most challenging cases to defend under New Jersey’s motor vehicle law. But this office has succeeded for our clients all over New Jersey.” He further states, “We are proud to tell you that all the clients who retained this office to defend their No Automobile Liability Insurance Charge were found “Not Guilty”. Most attorneys avoid the issue because they have little or nothing to say about winning DWI and “No Insurance” cases.

MVDWI is also known for providing skilled and experienced drunk driving defense in New Jersey. The Best DWI lawyer in New Jersey can also help many clients with reversing a prior DWI conviction.

DWI lawyer in New Jersey at MVDWI has the skills and experience to help clients through the complicated procedure to reverse a conviction. The DWI Law Firm also offers legal services in defense of DWI/ DUI, Drunk Driving: Passenger Car and CDL (First Offense, Second Offense, Third Offense, and Subsequent Offense).

The DWI attorney in New Jersey also defends charges of refusal for First Offense, Second Offense, Third Offense, Subsequent Offense, etc. Mr. Baffuto successfully argued the seminal modern New Jersey municipal court case on speedy trial, State v. Farrell, wherein the Appellate Division reversed the DWI conviction and the client was adjudged not guilty.

MVDWI offers legal services such as defense of Motor Vehicle and DWI charges incorporating our New Breath Test Defense, DWI&MV Charges, Petitions for Reversal of Conviction, etc. Getting any motor vehicle ticket, getting arrested on DWI or criminal charges can be very stressful; even frightening. Having a conviction for serious charges can significantly affect your life. You need an experienced, talented, patient lawyer that cares about clients. Mr. Baffuto brings these qualities to all his cases. Mr. Baffuto represents his clients thoroughly and zealously.

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