MVNOs in Emerging Asia Market 2017 Industry Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast

Pune, India, 5th December 2017: WiseGuyReports announced addition of new report, titled “MVNOs in Emerging Asia: MVNO friendly regulatory framework and unique product offerings to drive MVNO market”.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2017 -- "MVNOs in Emerging Asia: MVNO friendly regulatory framework and unique product offerings to drive MVNO market" a new Telecom Insider Report by offers a thorough study of the MVNO market in the emerging Asia region. The report analyses different MVNOs operating in the region on various parameters such as product and service offerings, target customers base and business models.

The MVNO business model plays a very crucial role to cater the different needs of the increasing subscribers base. In partnership with telecom operators, MVNO helps to increase their presence in the niche and untapped segments, thus creating profitable business environment for both MNOs and MVNOs. Major factors driving the market are increasing smartphone penetration, rising data traffic, telecom infrastructure development, expansion in rural and remote areas, rollout of 3G/4G services and growing adoption of M2M and IoT solutions. The report examines the various business models adopted by different MVNOs in APAC region, their products and service offerings and provides an in-depth look at the changing landscape of trends in MVNO adoption and investment.

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The report consists of following sections -
- MVNO Definition and Main Business Models: This section briefly describes MVNO market structure and introduction of the different business models adopted by them.
- Global and Regional MVNO Market Context: This section provides overview of the MVNO market in Emerging Asia and analysis of the different business models adopted by the MVNOs.
- Market Evolution: This section provides information about MVNO market evolution in Emerging Asia and also provides overview about the regulatory scenario.
- Case Studies: Three case studies are presented of the leading MVNOs in Emerging Asia which includes Ali Telecom, redONE and Smart Pinoy. These case studies focus on the MVNO offerings, their sales and promotional strategies and recent moves by the telcos in the MVNO space.
- Key findings and recommendations: It consists of a summary of key findings and a set of recommendations for regulators, MVNOs and network operators.

- Among different business models adopted by the MVNOs in the region, niche business model is the widely adopted by 28% of the total MVNOs present in this region catering various segments including youth, immigrants, students and health enthusiasts. This is followed by retail and enterprise models. Retail and business models are also gaining popularity, accounting for 16% and 14%, respectively.
- Report estimates MVNO market in emerging Asia will record a CAGR of 56% over 2016-21. MVNO subscriptions estimated to reach 233.5m (5.5% of emerging APAC's total mobile subscription count) by 2021-end from 25.3m in 2016 (0.7% of total mobile subscriptions) which are far below the levels in developed markets like North America, Western Europe and developed Asia.
- China's MVNO market is expected to witness the strongest growth among emerging Asia countries with a CAGR of 65.1% from 2016 to 2021.

Reasons to buy
- The report provides analysis of MVNO businesses in the Emerging APAC along with detail examination of the various business models adopted in countries such as China, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines among others by the MVNOs for increasing their subscriber base.
- Provides in-depth understanding about the product and service offering portfolio being offered by MVNOs in Emerging Asia to help new entrants to align their product offerings.
- Helps executives build business growth strategies by offering comprehensive, relevant analysis of the Emerging Asia region's growing MVNO market, regulatory framework, competitive environment and best practices of the existing MVNOs.
- The case studies focus on different product and service offerings and strategies being adopted by them to drive subscriber growth of the leading MVNOs operating in the region.
- By understanding the interests and positions of the main stakeholders in the MVNO market - MNOs, end users, regulators, content providers and ISPs - telecom professionals/operators can develop strategies and increase their participation in the growing MVNO market.

Table of Content: Key Points
Table of contents 3
List of exhibits 4
Executive summary 7
Section 1: MVNO definition and main business models 8
MVNO definition 9
MVNO business models 10
Section 2: Global and regional MVNO market context 16
MVNO market worldwide 17
MVNO market in emerging Asia 18
Most prevalent MVNO business models in emerging Asia 19
Section 3: MVNO market evolution in emerging Asia 27
Regulatory context 29
Regional market outlook 33
Section 4: Case studies 35
Ali Telecom: China 36
redONE: Malaysia 38

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