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MXI Environmental Services, LLC Announces Beverage Recycling Services


Abingdon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- MXI Environmental Services, LLC is pleased to announce their beverage recycling services. Unused liquid products should not go to waste. By calling MXI Environmental Services, LLC for their beverage recycling services, businesses can save money and get rid of any excess products. Businesses within the beverage industry are able to recycle various unsalable bottled products including beer, wine, energy drinks, soda, and juice products. On the company website, MXI Environmental Services, LLC shows examples of how companies can save money by using their beverage recycling services. All materials are recovered and recycled by MXI’s innovative procedures. Product packaging items such as glass, cardboard, metal, and aluminum can be recycled and turned into renewable fuels. Water waste can even be recycled because MXI uses the most environmentally-friendly process in the industry.

MXI Environmental Services, LLC is able to provide the highest level of beverage recycling and ethanol disposal services by utilizing its own transportation fleet. With its own transportation fleet, people will be ensured a safe and secure delivery to MXI’s Materials Recovery Facility and TTB certified Distilled Spirits Plant. MXI Environmental Services, LLC ensures that all products are taken care of from the beginning of the process.

Businesses, within the beverage manufacturing industry, receive many benefits when using the beverage recycling services provided by MXI Environmental Services, LLC. Businesses can recover all federal and state excise taxes. Businesses will also cut down on repackaging, shipping, and handling costs. They will also cut down on the time and effort needed for eliminating disposal to landfills, because MXI Environmental Services, LLC will do it more affordably and efficiently. By recycling, businesses will also protect their brand from package reuse. Also, businesses will feel good knowing they created renewable energy for the earth. When working with MXI Environmental Services, LLC, businesses don’t just help themselves, they also help millions of other people in the world. To hear more about the company, as well as read more about the other services that they provide please visit their website, or give MXI Environmental Services, LLC a call today.

About MXI Environmental Services, LLC
MXI Environmental Services, LLC based out of Abingdon, VA, offers ethyl alcohol recycling, full beverage destruction, hazardous waste disposal, and more across the country. The company follows a green process that is not only cost-effective for their clients, but this process allows MXI to reuse everything they recover.

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