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MXI Environmental Services, LLC Now Offering Their Services for Recycling Energy Drinks

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Abingdon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Retailers that have energy drinks on their shelves will undoubtedly run into a situation where the drinks are outdated and unsellable. Keeping these products on the shelves will cause corporate backlash and leave the manufacturer or retailer responsible for any illnesses that arise as a result of consuming an expired energy drink. To help retailers rid themselves of these excess drinks in a way that saves money and benefits the environment, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for recycling energy drinks.

The process is simple. Those who wish to create renewable energy with their recycling can contact a professional from MXI Environmental Services, LLC to get started. MXI trucks will transport the expired products to their Materials Recovery Facility and Distilled Spirits Plant in a safe and secure manner, where they will separate the liquid and the containers to create renewable energy. Whether the energy drinks come in aluminum bottles, metal cans, or glass, MXI is able to provide energy efficient recycling services.

Other benefits that come with utilizing their services include eliminating the use of landfills for disposal, removing repackaging costs, and reducing carbon footprint. Additionally, customers won’t have to worry about warehousing costs for unsalable products. The fleet will pick up the energy drinks—with the cardboard they are stored in—and bring them to the facility, leaving empty space in the warehouse for new products.

Customers will be assured their expired energy drinks are being disposed of properly and their brand image is being protected from reuse. In addition to energy drinks, MXI Environmental Services, LLC will also dispose of unsellable alcoholic drinks for their customers. For more information about their process, or to request a pickup, please call 877-693-6907 today.

About MXI Environmental Services, LLC
MXI Environmental Services, LLC based out of Abingdon, VA, offers ethyl alcohol recycling, full beverage destruction, hazardous waste disposal, and more across the country. The company follows a green process that is not only cost-effective for their clients, but this process allows MXI to reuse everything they recover.

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