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MXI Environmental Services, LLC Now Offering Their Services for Recycling Pharmaceutical Products This October


Abingdon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- For those businesses with an abundance of outdated or unsellable pharmaceutical drugs, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for the safe and environmentally friendly removal of pharmaceutical waste. Whether there is an excess over-the-counter drug, cough medicine, antiseptics, or a variety of other pharmaceuticals, an easy dial of the phone will get the wheels in motion. A professional will come in an MXI Environmental Services, LLC transportation fleet to ensure the products are secure and properly delivered to the distillery.

Utilizing the pharmaceutical waste disposal services of MXI Environmental Services, LLC will enable businesses and corporations to give back to the environment, creating renewable energy while adding much needed space to the storage and warehouse areas of the business. The process will lead the unusable products back to the Materials Recovery Facility where the packages, including the cardboard or plastic wrappings, will be harvested and energy will be created. Business owners will know their recycled ethanol and bottled packages won’t be disposed of in landfills that will negatively affect the environment.

In addition to recycling unusable pharmaceutical products, MXI Environmental Services, LLC offers cosmetic recycling services. Whether there is an excess of cologne or perfume fragrances, or mouthwash and hand sanitizers that are outdated and therefore unusable, MXI Environmental Services, LLC will transport them to a safe distillery to reduce the corporate liability of having expired products on the shelves. If the cosmetics are packaged in glass, metal, containers, the professionals will take them off their client’s hands and properly dispose of them while keeping the brand name and label confidential to outside parties.

In an effort to go green, those companies that recycle their expired or unused pharmaceutical or cosmetic products will save money by reducing tax and waste fees, while reducing carbon footprint as well. For more information about their services or to inquire on the process that goes into their transportation and sorting of chemicals and waste into renewable fuels, please call 877-693-6907 or visit their website today.

About MXI Environmental Services, LLC
MXI Environmental Services, LLC based out of Abingdon, VA, offers ethyl alcohol recycling, full beverage destruction, hazardous waste disposal, and more across the country. The company follows a green process that is not only cost-effective for their clients, but this process allows MXI to reuse everything they recover.

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