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MXI Environmental Services, LLC Now Offering Their Services to Recycle Aerosol Products


Abingdon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- As many businesses and corporations are turning their attention to benefitting the environment, recycling has become a top priority. MXI Environmental Services, LLC, is pleased to announce they are now offering their services for recycling aerosol based products that are unsaleable and expired. Aerosols include many chemical pollutants, and are usually sold in the form of a spray can. When the warehouse has an excess of aerosol based solvents, MXI will transport the products and packages to their partner facility, reclaiming the ethanol and recovering all reusable solvents as they strive to provide the greenest process in the industry.

Products that contain aerosol include paints, insecticides, perfume and cologne, as well as household items such as laundry detergent. When looking to recycle aerosol, MXI Environmental Services, LLC will transport cans that are completely full, empty, or partially used. Aerosol products remain in the can, and are filtered to enable reusability. By utilizing the services of MXI, companies are treated to a benefit while reducing carbon footprint. Just one aerosol pallet will provide brands with direct savings.

The goal through their economically efficient recycling service is to create renewable energy with the recovered fuels. At the partner facility, they separate the various solvents and products in the cans, disposing of the can without additional waste. After the materials have been separated, the professionals will reuse the recycled solvents. With the effective process, businesses will successfully reduce corporate liability, lowering disposal costs while benefitting the environment.

In addition to aerosol recycling, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is proficient at recycling all ethanol based products. This includes cosmetics from the health and beauty industry, alcoholic beverage recycling and destruction, industrial materials like cleaners and various substances alcoholic preservatives, as well as pharmaceutical waste disposal for over the counter drugs and medicines with antiseptics. To hear more about the process, or to inquire on their services, please contact the company today.

About MXI Environmental Services, LLC
MXI Environmental Services, LLC based out of Abingdon, VA, offers ethyl alcohol recycling, full beverage destruction, hazardous waste disposal, and more across the country. The company follows a green process that is not only cost-effective for their clients, but this process allows MXI to reuse everything they recover.

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