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MXI Environmental Services, LLC Reduces Corporate Liability with Their Recycling Services


Abingdon, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- Every company or corporation, whether selling beverages, cosmetics, or prescribing prescriptions, will run into a situation where their products are outdated. This can cause illness and reactions that result in serious health issues and harm to individuals. In order to prevent corporate backlash from selling outdated and unusable products, MXI Environmental Services, LLC is pleased to announce they offer their recycling services in a way that reduces corporate liability. When companies are weighing the positives and negatives of using a recycling service to properly dispose of their products, the professionals at MXI Environmental Services, LLC conduct their services in a way that will protect the brand image of a particular product and effectively create renewable energy, benefitting the environment.

It’s unethical to keep the unusable products in the warehouse, because chances are they could end up on the shelf without the awareness of a manager. The process of MXI Environmental Services, LLC is simple. Those who need space in their warehouse for new products can simply make a phone call to the premier waste removal service and they will send a fleet truck or tanker to the warehouse or specified location for pickup. Not only will MXI safely dispose of products, corporate businesses won’t be held liable for any claims if they know their products on the shelves were still usable.

Utilizing the services of MXI Environmental Services, LLC will also help businesses save money when recycling products. Companies can receive tax recoveries, both at the state and national level when disposing of unusable beverages. When recycling pharmaceutical or cosmetic products, corporate businesses won’t have to worry about paying additional fees or taxes, there is a set rate that already includes the transportation fee. The services from MXI will help businesses go “green,” both by benefitting the environment and keeping money in their pockets.

For more information on how MXI Environmental Services, LLC can help a business protect their brand image and reduce their liability on products, please call 877-693-6907 to talk with a representative or visit their website to see exactly how their services will help save money and reduce liability.

About MXI Environmental Services, LLC
MXI Environmental Services, LLC based out of Abingdon, VA, offers ethyl alcohol recycling, full beverage destruction, hazardous waste disposal, and more across the country. The company follows a green process that is not only cost-effective for their clients, but this process allows MXI to reuse everything they recover.

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