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My Agent Ethan Joins ADAGP to Help Member Dealers Sell More Cars Faster with Auto Insurance Offer


Plymouth Meeting, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2013 -- In order for individuals to drive a car off the lot as soon as they buy it, they need to be insured. This has proven to be an obstacle to car sales for several reasons. Individuals caught up in the excitement of the moment may have time to reconsider their options or visit competitors in the time between seeing a car and buying it while they secure the insurance to drive it away. Ethan Andrew Kosmin is looking to help dealers sell more cars faster by joining the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia to provide superfast standard and sub-standard auto insurance allowing people to drive the car straight from the lot then and there.

Many people are familiar with the concept of impulse buying but it usually relates to smaller items, and that’s largely due to the complications of making larger purchases. Ethan Andrew Kosmin is a licensed insurance agent who helps individuals and businesses get the best value insurance for their purposes. His latest association aims to broaden the range of services he can provide to include car insurance, thereby improving the service businesses can give to their end users.

By providing ultra fast insurance policies for car dealers, Ethan’s service allows them to offer their customers the ability to drive cars off the lot, with policies approved before the paperwork is finished. This way, there is nothing stopping individuals from buying a car and driving it away then and there.

A spokesperson for Ethan explained, “In conversation with car dealers Ethan found this was the one of the biggest factors car dealers wanted to address about the process they go through in selling cars. Ethan has devised a strategy to help them overcome what was once a major setback, making himself valuable to all car dealers in Philadelphia by streamlining the buying process for all involved. Any dealer can contact Ethan for free auto insurance quotes to start making more sales today.”

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