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My Awfully Wedded Life: Author Provides Rare Glimpse Into Marriage Tribulations, from Male Perspective

While hundreds of books tell women’s perspectives of the trials and tribulations of marriage, hardly any men to date have publically had their say. Having compiled a series of stories surrounding his own marriage woes, Colorado’s Jimmy Hyten is releasing them to the world in the hope that people will sit up and listen.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2013 -- From magazines and books to documentaries and the movies; the media is chock-full of women giving the low-down on their troubled men. However, thanks to one American author’s initiative, the tables are being turned in a compelling new book.

‘My Awfully Wedded Life’, by Jimmy Hyten, serves to highlight the differences between men and women. With the information coming straight from one man’s world, it’s guaranteed to be a fresh and welcomed addition to the battle of the sexes.


Based on real events, author Jimmy Hyten’s MY AWFULLY WEDDED LIFE is the story of how being married ended up being a disaster.

Jimmy doesn’t spare details as he talks about what it’s like to meet somebody and believe everything was working out great and then little by little, the gloss fades away and reality sets in. Soon, the word “divorce” becomes a reality and not just a hushed word in the back of the mind that had no meaning.

MY AWFULLY WEDDED LIFE is a poignant story that is both serious and yet filled with anecdote after anecdote about living with somebody of the opposite sex and going crazy in the process.

As the author explains, his story uncovers the real world of harrowing marriage failure.

“The arguing was constant, the sex was rare and my desire to be around her diminished on a daily basis. One night after an argument I wondered how many people are in my same position; unhappy with their spouse, wondered if this was the right person, thought about being unfaithful all too often, and figuring out how to get out. I had heard so many stories from a woman's perspective on their guys but never vice versa,” says Hyten, who has since married the love of his life.

He continues, “I started to write down my experiences. A few short stories ended up becoming a chronicled journey of my emotions and experiences. With a man’s perspective rarely shared, I knew it was time to make my story public.”

With such a unique commodity, Hyten hopes his book will help others sympathize with mans’ point of view.

“I know for a fact that anyone in a relationship can sympathize and relate to my stories. They are hilarious, fun, and people love to hear about other people's experiences. Again, this is a marriage from a man’s perspective about women, which is a story rarely told,” he adds.

Critics praise Hyten for releasing such an easy to read book. Offering the reader the ability to dive in and out at will, every page contains raw emotion, humor and the God’s honest truth.

With demand expected to be high, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy while supplies last.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://myawfullyweddedlife.com

About the Author: James “Jimmy” Hyten
James “Jimmy” Hyten is a freelance writer and works for the State of Colorado. Born in Houston, Texas his time there was short-lived as he was born into an Air Force family requiring him to move every couple of years. Finding himself back in Houston he was married and after a very stressful and emotional yet educational time, divorced. Eventually he settled down in Colorado Springs, Colorado and there he met his soon to be wife and the love of his life.

James graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor degree in business. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree and lives with his wife and their animals. His debut book, “MY AWFULLY WEDDED LIFE,” is about the perils of his first marriage and it’s told through anecdotes that remind everyone at Sakura Publishing of David Sedaris and his stories of a dysfunctional family.

Truly inspiring work, Sakura is proud to be releasing this book for anyone who has ever gone through a divorce or know what it’s like to live with somebody who drives you crazy.